5 Debunked Misconceptions Concerning the Skin Cancer

When discussing the crucial organs in your body, the skin is among the organs that should be on the front line. Notably, this organ covers the inner body organs, such as muscles, and protects them from adverse environmental conditions. In addition, your skin dictates your appearance and uniqueness to everyone looking at you. Therefore, you should embrace healthy strategies to maintain skin wellness. One of the healthy strategies is seeking effective treatment from an experienced dermatologist if you suspect Cypress skin cancer. The following debunked misconceptions about skin cancer will help you understand this condition better.

You Only Get the Sun Damage During the Sunny Days

During the hot seasons, there are many claims about skin safety. People will go around claiming that you should wear sunscreen only in those seasons to protect the skin from sunspots. However, the reality is that UV radiation could be present even in the cold seasons. That said, you should embrace skin safety measures in all seasons.

Only Light Skin Individuals Get the Skin Cancer

Some claim that individuals with dark skin complexion cannot get skin cancer. However, the reality is that although the sun does not burn easily in dark-skinned individuals, as in light-skinned persons, the former can also get skin cancer. In most cases, skin cancer in the dark skin people occurs in the less exposed body parts such as feet soles, which makes these conditions undiagnosed among the majority of them.

The Base Tan Can Reduce the Vulnerability of Skin Cancer

The notion of the base tan is another thing that has triggered misunderstanding regarding sun protection.

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Some individuals claim that the slight tan on the skin is adequate in protecting the skin from further damage. The truth, however, is that the tan is a natural way for your body to inform you that the skin is damaged. Although the tan acts as a defense mechanism, its strength is inadequate to protect your skin from the sun.

Sun Is the Only Cause of Skin Cancer

Although the UV rays from the sun are the common causes of skin cancer, other factors can trigger this condition. For instance, melanoma skin cancer can run through the family because of genetic factors. Therefore, you should keep checking your skin texture for abnormal texture even if you remain indoors.

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Exposure to Unprotected Sunlight Is All That You Need for Vitamin D

Sunlight is an important source of vitamin D necessary for bone wellness. However, this does not imply that you should expose yourself to harmful UV rays just in the name of amassing Vitamin D. It is worth noting that exposure to sunlight is not directly proportional to the amount of this type of vitamin in your body.

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Skin cancer is one of the common skin conditions affecting millions of people every year worldwide. If you are one of them, this is the best time to seek the right treatment to stay in tune with your skin texture. Visit Magnolia Dermatology, where Dr. Robare and a team of skin experts diagnose the underlying causes of skin cancer and offer customized treatment to their patients. Make an online booking or call the nearest office today for more inquiries.

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