5 Essentials You Should Have in Your Bag for the Summer

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Summer’s only months away, but we can already feel the weather getting hotter and the sun getting brighter. Many of us are probably counting down the days until we can forgo some of our responsibilities in exchange for a plane ticket or a magical day with family and friends.

Summer is the season to make memories and just have fun under the sun, and you probably want to make the most out of it while it lasts. Here are some essentials that you should always have in your bag to help you have the best summer yet!


As much as you might love the summertime, we can all agree that the summer sun can get brutal fairly quickly. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than bathing underneath the scorching rays and not being able to see anything because of the harsh light, so you should make sure that you always have a pair of sunglasses ready and waiting in your bag.

A pair of sunglasses not only shield and protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, but they can also give your outfit the extra edge that you’ve been looking for. A good pair of shades can be fashionable and functional at the same time, so you’ll still be able to have fun and look good while doing it.

Face Towel

Everyone knows that the sun shines brighter and hotter during the season, and this can easily ruin any fun that you might have been having with your loved ones. One of the most uncomfortable feelings ever is having beads of sweat falling down your entire body while you’re standing in an open field with nowhere to go for shade.

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Apart from that, too much sweat from the summer heat can also absorb into your clothes and make them stick to your body, but a good way to stop that from happening is by carrying a face towel with you at all times. You’ll never really go wrong with bringing one with you because it’ll give you an easy way to wipe away any sweat so that you can look and stay fresh for the whole day.

When you’re looking for a face towel, make sure that you get one that has high-quality and absorbent fibers. You don’t want to pull out your face towel only to realize that all it really does is spread everything around rather than soak it in.

Water Bottle

Another downside to sweating more in the summer is that it can deplete the water levels in your body. Your body needs a certain amount of water to make sure that everything’s running smoothly, and it can be dangerous to let this drop lower than it has to. A good way to make sure that you stay hydrated wherever you are is by carrying a convenient water bottle with you everywhere.

It might seem like an inconvenience, but getting a water bottle will allow you to keep hydrated throughout the day. Depending on what kind of bottle you get, it might also have the added benefit of keeping your water colder for longer hours under the sun so that you have a refreshing drink to gulp down when the heat gets too much. There are also a lot of different colors and designs for you to choose from, so you can make sure that you get one you like.

Polaroid Camera

You’re undoubtedly going to spend a lot of time with your family and friends, and you’ll probably want to commemorate all the great moments that you’ve shared with them. While you can easily just use the camera installed in your cell phone, a polaroid camera is a much more sentimental and nostalgic way to preserve memories that you want to keep.

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We can all agree that there’s something special about having a physical copy of a picture to hold onto, whereas digital photos almost seem expendable with how easily they can be created. A polaroid camera will also allow you to take multiple shots and hand them off to each of your loved ones, and this ensures that each of you has a unique photo of the day.


An umbrella can be more than just a useful thing to have for a rainy day. When you’re spending hours and hours under the hot afternoon sun, an umbrella can be an easy way to cover your skin from burning too much. Whether it’s on your face or your body, your skin is definitely the most vulnerable to sunburns and sun damage during the summer, but an umbrella can serve as an additional layer of protection.

These are some of the items that you should keep in your bag so that you can have a great summer. If you’re looking for more items, check out Temu. Temu is the newest online shopping obsession, and customers can’t stay away from the high-quality products and the low and affordable prices they’re sold at.

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