5 Great Proposal Ideas for Non-Cheesy Couples

5 Great Proposal Ideas for Non-Cheesy Couples

Are you someone who is about to pop the question but doesn’t want to ruin your moment from being too cringey?

Of course! You want your moment to be timeless, so one day, when you look back, you won’t have to think to yourself—dang that was cheesy!

If you and your partner aren’t super cute and romantic, you probably don’t want your marriage proposal to be that cheesy. Check our great proposal ideas!

1.  Familiar Scene

Find a place that you and your special partner share a great memory. This could be anything from the first place you went on a date, to your favorite restaurant that you’ve shared dinners throughout the years, or another place where you both share a common connection.

A proposal like this will definitely stir the heart and will fill your partner with thoughts of old memories and get them thinking about new ones in the future.

2. Nothing Beats the Ocean

When you think of summer romance, it’s always a winner when you put the beach into the equation. If you can, take your loved out for a time on the beach.

Cruise the boardwalk, build a sandcastle, and right before the sunset, hit ’em with that ring. Nothing paints a perfect wedding proposal than the sand, ocean, and a lovely sunset to set the mood for a love story ending happily ever after.

3. Bring a Fairy Tale to Life

How about popping the question in a real-life castle! If you do a quick Google search, you will find there are many castles throughout the United States where you can actually rent it out.

Send her coordinates using Google Maps and set up a time for her to meet you at this undisclosed location.

Set the mood by arranging the area in the castle you want to propose at with candles, rose petals, and wait for her to walk. Once you see her, Get down on that bended Knee and change her life forever.

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4. Take It on the Trails

If the outdoors calls you and your partner’s name often, consider going on a hike to mountain top or hill and propose on one of the more scenic areas on the trail.

This would be a great way to enjoy what you both love to do and to create a beautiful memory with nature surrounding you.

5. Light Up the Night Sky

There’s nothing more magical than viewing fireworks. There’s just something about those colorful lights in the sky and those loud bursts that just set the mood. Why not use this to your advantage? You wait until the fourth of July, New years or any other day where there might be some local fireworks.

Or simply hire someone to do them for you.  If you’ve been waiting to flash that engagement rings rose gold finish to the love of your life, why not pair that special moment with some fireworks as your backdrop!

Come up With Your Great Proposal Idea

These are some great proposal ideas that can get your ideas rolling. Feel free to use what’s on this list or let them inspire you do create your own ideas. Either way, we hoped this list helped you out! If it did, scroll to the top of this article and hit the “share” button!

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