5 Great Things About Being a Young and Single Woman

Single women

When you graduate university and land your first real job, you know you’ve finally entered into the realm of womanhood. Staying in dorms and shacking up with friends offered many learning experiences, and they were great times, but now the real world calls, and it’s time to be responsible. Fortunately, enjoying life doesn’t have to end just because you’re stepping across that threshold into adulthood. Getting your own apartment or small home is a big deal, and it’s your first real home. Here are five things to keep in mind as you start your journey. 

1. You’re Self-Sufficient

Being out on your own is a big deal. Now you can prove how responsible you are. And best of all? Everything you earn is yours to spend how you want. But, remember, you are responsible. If it’s not all going on bills, rent and those clothes that keep you looking trendy at your job, try dabbling in some little investments. Gold and silver make good nest eggs for later on, especially if you experience a crisis. 

2. You Own Your Time

You’ll learn later on, if you decide to get in a serious relationship, or even married, that your partner essentially becomes the other half of you. That means your partner gets a say in everything you do together. It’s not like you’re going to do everything on your own, otherwise, why would you commit? 

Right now while you have the freedom to do as you want, spend quality time with friends, go mix with other single people, watch chick flicks every night, but most of all, enjoy this freedom. Also, enjoy the solitude. Once children are in the picture, solitude becomes a much sought after and hard to attain commodity. 

3. Feminine Home Decor

As you decorate your home, you’re the only person you have to consider. If you want to go with a shabby chic living room, who’s to tell you otherwise? Someday you’ll probably enjoy this fact a little more, but right now, go all out and feminize that wonderful home that you’re creating!

That goes for how you live in it, too. Let the perfume and make-up litter the bathroom counter, and hang your bras over the shower. Cover your bed in pink, fluffy pillows and sleep with your cat. 

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4. You’re Still Close to Your Family

It’s likely you’re still close with your mom and dad, and they’re still number one in your life. That’s not always going to be the case. Join them for dinner as often as you can, and when you can’t, give them a call or text and let them know about your day. Every minute you spend with your family as an adult is special. 

5. You Can Commit More Time to Your Career

You don’t have anyone waiting for you at home, except maybe the cat, and he could take you or leave you. That means you can stay over at work and impress the boss. While your single this is a great time to be aggressive about your career. If you give up a weekend now and then, you’ll be fine. If you volunteer for an extra project, you have time to do that. You can even devote more time to your professional development by attending seminars and conferences. 

You could say you’re in the best stage of life, but that can be said for all stages, because they all have their perks. Making the most of those perks is what matters. For most people, the joys that come with being single don’t last forever. Of course, there are joys that come with having your own family, but that’s for another list. 

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