5 Important Aspects Your Medical Resource Solution Should Include


Medical Resource Solution

5 Important Aspects Your Medical Resource Solution Should Include

Resource management can go very deep into the inner workings of any business. While some solutions may be more robust than others, there are several key aspects that every medical resource application should include. Not only can these applications save an incredible amount of down time for your staff, but it can do everything from expediting replacement devices to managing the financial aspects of the organization. What does your solution need to include in order to offer greater efficiency?

Lot Tracking

Your solution needs to be able to track components used in manufacturing products. This can help everything from future purchases to tracking down faulty components from suppliers according to batches. This tracking may also include a way to trace a component from a supplier to the receiving client after a unit is manufactured.

Serial Tracking and Warranty Applications

From the ease of your desk chair, you should be able to quickly view which warranties are expiring for equipment as well as the serial numbers of those objects. This can also assist in identification purposes for disaster recovery or replacement equipment.

Warehouse Management

Your solution should be able to display the intricate workings of the warehouse without physically analyzing the shelves yourself. From the comfort of your office on the other side of the facility, you should be able to tell your clients what you have available in stock at that particular moment with a few clicks of the mouse.

Barcode Integration

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When managing finished products or enhancing the efficiency of the warehouse, your solution needs to be able to track goods through barcode scanning. This is a quick method to connect various goods to the central database allowing information retrieval of any given unit.

Financial Overviews

There are many financial aspects that go into manufacturing medical equipment. The more clear this information is, the more detailed your reports and strategies can become. Everything from inventory control to the value of your technology should be immediately available.

When manufacturing medical devices, it’s imperative that you have complete transparency of the operation. Using solutions such as ERP software from TGI can offer insights within the organization that can help save costs while making the procedure more efficient from start to finish. Enhance your company’s ability to adhere to client requirements while reducing the time your employees spend looking for materials or replacing production equipment.

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