5 Signs It’s Time to Get a New Bed Frame

Bed frame

It’s common knowledge that you should change your pillow every one to two years, and your mattress every eight. But what about your bed frame? While there may not be a rule of thumb for this piece of furniture, there are red flags that you need a new frame.

Not sure what they are? Here to help you understand those red flags are five signs it’s time for a new bed frame made out of solid wood.

1. You Wake up More Tired Than You When You Went to Bed

Your bed should be a refuge from the busy world, a place where you can lay your head and recharge after a long day. But if you’re waking up exhausted, somehow more tired than you were before you hit the hay, there could be something wrong with your frame.

How can this be if you have a brand new mattress? It could be your old frame has lost its structural integrity over the years, which means your bed no longer has the support it needs.

2. You Wake up with Aches and Pains

The same issue applies to this problem as well. If you wake up with a crick in your neck or a pain in your butt, there could be a problem with your mattress’ support system.

Check for any damage to your bed frame where it provides a foundation for your mattress. If the slats and adjoining pieces are broken, this could be the source of your aches and pains.

To be sure, try upgrading your pillows first. These are relatively inexpensive compared to a brand-new solid wood bed frame. If your aches and pains persist, it’s time to try a new frame.

3. You Haven’t Redecorated in Generations

While not as destructive as a broken frame that keeps you up at night, an ugly one can hurt you on a subconscious level. Bad design in the bedroom interferes with your ability to fall asleep, especially if past-you chose loud colours and trendy yet uncomfortable furniture.

If you can’t remember the last time you decorated your bedroom, consider making the upgrade to solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is timeless, so you’ll know it will continue to look good throughout the years.

4. You Find it Hard Getting in or out of Bed

Raise your hand if you do any of the following:

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  • Knock your shins or scrape your heels against the side rails every night
  • Hit your head on the headboard (and damage the wall behind you)
  • Find your bed shifting any time you get up or toss and turn
  • Lose items between your mattress and the frame
  • Struggle to put on new sheets or make your bed

If so, you have a frame that works against you. When you order a handcrafted piece of solid wood furniture, you can bet your craftsperson will create an elegant frame that fits your space and body perfectly.

5. Your Bed is Noisy

Squeaking joints and creaking wood can kill the mood when you’re getting intimate, and they aren’t any more welcome when you’re trying to get to sleep. These annoying sounds interrupt a solid night’s sleep or prevent you from falling asleep in the first place!

A solid wood bed frame is made by a talented craftsperson who guarantees a dependable construction. Not only will it look great for years to come, but it will also remain a sturdy piece of furniture.

Did any of these ring true for you? Whether it’s just one or all five, take it as a sign; you need a new frame.

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