5 Tips to Make an Impressive CV for Your Dream Job


Just when you are done with your academics, the excitement starts to start your career to practice what you have learned and gained expertise. At the moment, you will hunt for many positions that are suitable for you. But to land the job, you need to ensure that you are representing yourself properly.

 A CV is a short intro of yourself and your expertise. If it is not properly created, you might face rejections before the interview call. To prevent this situation from happening, here are a few simple and smart tips to create an impressive CV that you can consider:

Keep It Short

The first step to creating an impressive CV is to make it short but not too short. You are representing yourself and a brief well written intro is enough for the recruiters to learn the relative part.

Make your CV on one to two sides of an A4 paper. For your detailed information regarding past work education and all, summarize it or make points of it.

Save and Share With Portability

No matter how advanced and professional a CV you create to land your dream job, there is one factor that you should always keep in your mind –and it is the size. Yes, the size of the CV matters, especially when you are uploading to the website, and here many people face troubles.

The system of recruiting teams is designed in a certain way, and it only accepts a certain size of the file. If you are saving your CV as a PDF and there is a limit of size, consider compressing the file.

For your help, instead of downloading software for PDF compression, you can consider online tools for PDF editing. You can visit a reliable tool like PDFescape. The steps are simple to compress the file as you have to choose compression size of the file you want to click on to see the results.


Keep It Up To Date

Even if you think you have entered all the details, there are so many things you will be continuously learning from the current job or any course. So, make room to update the CV over the period.

With the advancement in technology and AI Bots to check or examine the CV, you can make your CV AI-friendly for multinational and international companies.

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Use Active Verbs

When you are representing your past work experience in your CV, to create an impressive and positive impact on the reader –use active verbs.

Instead of using “I was responsible for,” you can use “I have led or managed” a team or professionals. This will help you to impress the reader by explaining your past responsibilities smartly.


Check for Mistakes

Humans are made in a way to make mistakes. But when you are sharing your credentials, you can double check the CV even if you are sure that there aren’t any mistakes.

Checking the mistakes and removing them in case you find them will allow you to remove all the barriers that can affect your impression.

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