5 Tips to Score High in TOEFL

5 Tips to Score High in TOEFL
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TOEFL is one of the difficult tests in the world. You will have to study very hard in order to get a high score in the TOEFL test. Everyone feels anxious before giving this test. This is a very tough test. You will have to be prepared before appearing for this test. Your hardworking can give you the best TOEFL scores. Here are some ideas that you can follow in order to score higher on the TOEFL iBT. After passing this examination, you will get a chance to learn at the English-speaking University. Your dream will come true. For this, you can take some preparation courses in order to get yourself prepared and ready for the test.

You will have to score high in this examination. You will have to pass out with flying colors in order to get a chance to take admission in Foreign Universities. You will have to score high in different four parts of this test including reading, speaking, listening and writing. This test is basically to test the international students before taking admissions in the Universities. This is the Test of English as a Foreign Language. They organize this test in both offline and online modes.

Understand TOEFL

It is actually the test of English recognized as a foreign language. It is generally an English proficiency test. This test is produced by an American company ETS. This test can measure your ability of English reading, listening, speaking and writing as well.


  • Reading: In this part of the test, you can get 60-80 minutes. You will be given 36-56 questions to answer. The main task is to read 3-4 passages from academic texts and answering the questions related to those passages.


  • Listening: In this part of the test, you can get 60-90 minutes. You will be given 34-51 questions to answer. You will have to listen to classroom lectures, conversations, and discussions in order to give answers to the questions.


  • Break time: After the two tests, you can enjoy the 10 minutes of break time.


  • Speaking: You can get 20 minutes in this speaking section. You will be given 6 separate tasks for this test. You will have to express your opinion on a familiar topic. You will have to speak based on reading and listening tasks.


  • Writing: You can get 50 minutes in this part of the test. You will have to complete 2 tasks in this test. You will have to write essay responses on the basis of the reading and listening sections. You will have to give your best for answering questions.

Each and every section of the test has a score of 30. The total score is 120. Different Universities want different scores in each part. So, you will have to score differently according to the different Universities. So, you will have to do well in writing sections. So, you will have to pay attention in order to get a high section score.

5 important tips to score high


  • You should not hurry: This test is conducted more than 50 times across the globe. So, you can get so many opportunities in order to take participate in this test. There are so many students who go in a hurry mood and sit for the examination. But the sudden decision and poor preparation can give you the bad score. You should not make a rash decision regarding this. You can seat for the practice test in order to understand the whole matter. According to the Educational Testing Service, the test is now 30 minutes shorter than the usual time. The test is now super scoring. You can score better in this test.


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  • Read loudly and listen very well: Actually reading and listening are two main keywords that will be evaluated in this test. Actually, there are many students who can write very well but it is difficult for them to speak and listen carefully. Reading will give you intense familiarity with the whole matter. You can also read more to more general knowledge in order to enrich your limit.


  • Perfect grammar and vocabulary: The correct grammar and vocabulary will save you a lot. God grammar knowledge will help you a lot. You can also read the internet based grammatical books in order to enhance your vocabulary and stock of words.


  • More to more practice: More to more practice will help you a lot. You will definitely get success after practicing hard. You will have to learn English grammar and vocabulary for this. The reading and writing practice will help you a lot. You will have to practice reading writing properly.


  • Speak and write a lot: Speaking in good English is very important at this stage. You will have to record your speech and evaluate it many times in order to make it perfect and flawless. You will have to learn how to speak native English like a pro. You will have to practice integrated writing in this case.

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