5 Tricks to Cut Down on Facebook

5 Tricks to Cut Down on Facebook

Often when you think about serious addictions, you think of the obvious ones. Drugs, Smoking, drinking, or gambling. These are addictions that have the potential to very easily derail a person’s life. Lots of studies and research have been done on them.

With the invention of social media, a new addiction is quickly rising. Social media addiction. More people are addicted to using their phones and Facebook, and then there are alcoholics in the world. These companies that feign that they really care bout their users. Look deeper, however, and you can see that is a lie. You need only look in recent news as thousands of people seek Facebook class action rebates to see this.

If you need help cutting down on your Facebook time, we have you covered. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to use if you have decided you want to spend a little bit less time on the social media giant.

Swap to only messenger

A lot of users say that they would quit Facebook altogether if not for the fact that the messenger app is so useful. So if you keep catching yourself scrolling and want to get away from the fake news and memes, try swapping over to just using messenger. Delete the Facebook app on your phone and keep the messenger one. You can even get a messenger app for your computer.

Turn push notifications off

If you go onto your settings on your phone, you can turn push notification off. That means that your phone won’t automatically search for updates on your social media while you are offline. This means you will only get your notifications when you physically click onto the app. This is a great way to stop letting Facebook notifications fuel your procrastination. 

Download a limiter app

There are a number of apps available across all phone platforms that will put a physical limit block on your app usage. You can set each app a certain period of time after you have been on the app for the allocated time, the limiter will kick in, prohibiting access. This is a great way to cut your time on social media.

Go cold turkey

Probably the hardest one to do, and the most extreme option. If you feel you really have a problem with your Facebook usage, and you have tried all the tips above to no avail. You might consider going cold turkey. There are two methods to this. The first one is to simply delete the apps and avoid going on Facebook on your computer. The second is to deactivate your Facebook account. Unfortunately, the sneaky buggers at Facebook make it nearly impossible to delete your account. Instead, you can deactivate your account for any period of time that you want.

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Facebook addiction is becoming more and more widespread, and with over 2.4 billion users and counting, we don’t see any sign of it slowing down. Hopefully, with the above tricks, you can get your Facebook usage back in control and use that time productively or to do things you enjoy.

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