5 Ways To Sell Your House Fast This Summer

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Selling a house is not as daunting as it may seem. Working together with a Realtor, you can do many things to help make your house more attractive to would-be buyers, especially if you put it on the market during the summer months. Here are five ways you can help your house sell quickly this summer.

1. Clean up the exterior.

As a matter of course, when your house is on the market, keep your lawns mowed and edged. Trim shrubs and tree branches for a neat appearance. Details matter here, which means you will want to pay attention to your house’s gutters. For some, cleaning gutters can be quite the task, which may call for assistance. A good example for those who live in Omaha, Nebraska would be to search “gutter cleaning Omaha”, Nebraska if you need to find assistance. Also, If there is peeling paint, strip it and add a fresh coat. A clean, cared-for appearance goes far with house hunters.

2. Add landscaping.

While you do not have to completely reimagine your front lawn, adding a new flowerbed or some carefully placed shrubs can dramatically improve the look of your home’s exterior. If you have a larger front porch, add a potted palm for a casual, tropical feel or create a more formal look with a groomed, potted spruce or topiary. Pots of cheerful flowers on porch steps add beautiful pops of color to enliven the entire structure’s appearance. Curb appeal is a major factor in encouraging would-be buyers to stop and take notice, explains OmniKey Realty Texas. First impressions do matter!

3. Take care of interior repairs.

Fix dripping faucets, repair or replace chipped tiles, and clean or cover discolored caulking and grout. Consider replacing worn drawer and cabinet pulls. Inspect your home and look at it with fresh eyes. Other cosmetic issues you want to look for and take care of include:

  • ·         Nail holes in walls
  • ·         Dents in walls
  • ·         Scratched molding and baseboards

Consider repainting rooms in a light, neutral shade to give them a feeling of freshness. While these things may seem minimal, such details can actually make or break a deal in a potential buyer’s mind. Work with your Realtor to decide which repairs to make. While you are not expected to take care of every single thing, sprucing up your home’s interior can help potential buyers make up their minds.

4. Declutter.

Knick-knacks, rather than impressing potential buyers who are viewing your home, actually distract them. Pack favorite objects away. Remove wall art and even most floor coverings. Clear the kitchen countertops for a clean, neat look. Aim for achieving an overall neutral palette. Decluttering gives your home a more spacious feeling. It allows home seekers to walk through your house and easily imagine themselves and their things there. If they feel at home, they are more likely to favor your house over others.

5. Handle major mechanical and structural repairs.

While you are not expected to completely refurbish your entire residence inside and out, some major systems and areas may need to be repaired or replaced. They include:

  •          Roof
  •          Foundation
  •          HVAC system
  •          Wiring and electrical panel
  •          Water heater
  •          Pipes

While any or all of these may be functional but not new, you may not need to take any action. However, if any of these major things are old or in danger of wearing out soon, you may want to consider replacement.

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Would-be home buyers are interested in the condition of these major things, certainly. Furthermore, these details affect the insurability of your house, and they may play a role in the degree of financing a buyer can get.

If something needs attention but you cannot afford to replace or repair it, work with the buyer. Get estimates. You can offer to provide a credit toward closing costs to help pay for replacing worn-out things. You can also offer a home warranty that gives buyers some protection in the event of major mechanical or structural failures.

As the homeowner, you are familiar with your property and its strengths and weaknesses when you put it on the housing market. By being proactive, you can increase its appeal to potential buyers in many ways. A few actions now go a long way toward a fast, worry-free sale. 

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