5 Ways You Can Actively Prevent Being Involved in a Truck Accident

5 Ways You Can Actively Prevent Being Involved in a Truck Accident

Being involved in a truck accident is one of the biggest fears for most drivers on the road, and with good reason. Statistics show that these types of accidents are on the rise. More than half of these collisions involve two vehicles. Over 20% of them involve 3 or more, and almost every collision with a truck results in serious injury or fatalities.

However, almost all of the accidents that happen annually were preventable. They were caused by at least one driver who was being negligent in their duties. Driving is a privilege, not a right, but many people take it for granted.

Here are 5 ways you can do your part to prevent being involved in a truck accident while you are on the road.

You Can Avoid Truck Accidents These 5 Ways

1. Don’t drive under the influence. 

There’s a reason for all of those warning labels on any controlled or prescription drug. They mess with your reaction times and dull your critical thinking skills. This includes alcohol which, even though it might be legal, is still illegal if you are driving once you hit a limit. 

Get a friend to drive you or call rideshare if you are under the influence of any illicit or illegal drug.

2. Stay focused. 

We have never lived in a time quite like this where everything we want to know is quite literally at our fingertips on our smartphones. But this amazing innovation has been responsible for thousands of deaths over the last decade. Distracted driving is moving to the number one slot as the most common cause of truck. 

This label has been adjusted in most states to cover a multitude of distractions: texting, fiddling with your radio and even eating behind the wheel. Laws throughout most states have gotten very strict, so stay focused and prevent a truck accident. If you were the victim of a truck accident in which the other driver was distracted, there are many semi-truck accident lawyers who are ready to fight for you and know the laws for your state.

3. Don’t follow too closely, especially if you are driving a truck.  

Following the car in front of you too closely prevents you from being able to stop in a timely manner if the other vehicle does anything unpredictable. When you are driving a truck and following too closely, your heavy load keeps you from stopping or even slowing down in time to avoid a collision.

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4. Follow the rules of the road. 

Truck drivers are commonly on unachievable schedules. By law, they have to have a certain amount of rest, but they also get paid for making deliveries on time. This can tempt many drivers to speed or drive aggressively to get to their destination. If you are speeding, too, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

5. Don’t forget your turn signal. 

When you studied for your driver’s license, you learned the rule that you must signal a turn at least 100 feet before making it. That’s equivalent to about six car lengths. 

There’s a scientific reason for this – the car behind you needs time to be able to stop and let you turn, and if it’s a truck, they need even more time. But the majority of drivers don’t use their turn signal at all or use it incorrectly.

You Can Prevent a Truck Collision

It’s the worst possible accident to find yourself involved in, but by being careful, following the rules of the road and remaining focused, you may be able to prevent a truck accident that would change your life or the lives of others forever.

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