6 Amazing Materials to Take into Consideration for Your Interior Walls

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Modern homes are incomplete without their interior designs. With great interior design, you can represent your ideologies and make a statement for yourself as well. However, it is not just about the furniture you use. Instead, the choice of finishing for your wall also plays a major role.

Consequently, let us check out 6 amazing materials that you can use for decorating your interior walls.

Wood panelling

Wood panelling is an interior wall decoration that makes the use of wooden panels arranged on walls in different designs. Most of the time, the material used for wooden panels is either veneer or laminate covered wood or plywood. Most of the top-grade hostels use this design for their bedrooms. In this type of wall covering, you can use both semi-rigid and fully-rigid components. Initially, it used to be made entirely with wood, but now you can use other materials such as plastic as well. It is an ideal kind of wall covering for the purpose of decoration. For more information, you can visit website.

Tile cladding

As the name suggests, this decorative activity makes usage of tiles creatively. You can choose from numerous types of tiles such as marble, vitrified tiles, granite, glazed tiles, etc. The type of tile that you may want to use for decoration is majorly dependent on the place of application. The best part about this is that tile cladding comes with a variety of colours as well as shapes. Therefore, you can always choose your own personalized tile cladding.


Often known as Faux finish, it is an ideal way to provide a highly aesthetic look to the property where it is applied. With a thickness of 6mm and the availability of a large number of designs, it is certainly a perfect match for a prestigious décor. Majorly, it is used to provide a false finish, but it can also be used to provide your living space with a brick or stone wall effect that makes it look amazing as well as rustic.


Pebbles finish yet another prominent type of wall finish material. Although pretty simple, it is an effective way to make your walls attractive. In this wall finish, you would rely on small pebbles to give your space an earthy feel. You would put the pebbles up on your home walls with the help of mortar or cement to stick them. It is an ideal way to decorate the exterior facets of your house. Paired with a fountain or water storage, it could create the setting of mini- waterfalls. That’s why hotels majorly use it as a part of their interior.

See Also

Sand texture

If you are looking for a material to decorate your interior walls, using sand can be a great option to get started. It provides an extremely fine texture to your walls that look amazing even though being minimal. However, sand is a highly uncommon type of material used for wall finishing because there is a chance of the sand grains coming out after a certain time. However, for ceilings, it is a majorly used material.

Coral finish

Similar to gypsum plaster finish and plaster of Paris finish, the coral finish is an interior wall finish that provides a very durable look for your interior. However, once you apply it, you may observe some rough edges on the wall. Most preferably, you can use it for the exterior walls of your home.

Bottom Line

When it comes to interior wall decoration, the sky is the limit. With the materials mentioned above, you can give your walls with an amazing and contemporary look.

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