6 Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure

Feeling safe in your home should be a right for everyone. A break-in affects mental health and a sense of security in devastating ways, and while they can’t always be avoided, there are deterring actions that homeowners or renters can take. Whatever your budget, and however much time you have spare, the following methods will provide solutions to the challenge of amping up your home security and keeping it safe for everyone who lives inside.

Update the Locks on the Main Entrance

The front door is typically the main entrance of the property, though some people may favor the side or back entrances too. Regardless, because this door sees the majority of traffic into the home, it is the most vulnerable. Therefore, you have to fortify this one as a priority. Install extra locks and review how it sits in the frame. Vulnerabilities in the context of unwanted guests are easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for!

Check for any cracks, holes, or general damage to the door and its frame. These are the first task to find a fix for. Check all the keys are working properly and install a strong bolt to the top and bottom of the door to create extra barriers and noise.

Consider a Dog

Certain breeds of dogs are excellent guard dogs. They can be trained with simple commands geared towards home security, and make great companions in daily life. People often say they feel safer with the dogs at home. They are generally intuitive and detect danger that you might miss until it’s too late.

Secure All Points of Entry

Once the main entry point is taken care of, it’s time to check out all the other potential break in risks around the home.

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This includes all the windows, garage roof and door, and basements too! Don’t leave anything unattended, and update all the locks where you need to.

Install a Surveillance System

Even a video doorbell is a great way to put off potential criminal activity in your home. These devices record everyone who comes near it, so if a break-in attempt does happen you will have their faces for the law. A full camera system will also be useful, but it all depends on what your budget looks like as to what you are able to install. Small details like putting up a sign stating the presence of cameras will often be enough to make people move on to somewhere different.

Maintain Your Weapon Properly

It is commonplace to have an armed weapon at home to assist and stop burglaries if they happen. Remember to store it in an accessible location, which in this context would usually be a bedroom safe (always far away from small hands). Don’t forget to stock up on ammo as well, as it’s the last thing you want to be trying to find if the moment ever comes when you need convenient access to the weapon. Looking for hard to find 9mm ammo for sale in stock is easier than ever, so there are a few barriers in that respect.

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Install a Garage: Protect Your Vehicle

The ultimate way to protect your vehicle at home is to store it in a locked garage facility overnight or when it’s not in use. These will require space and installation costs, but the investment is more than worth the peace of mind you get in return.

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Home security is important for everyone. It is vital to make sure there are no weak spots on your property so you are not left victims of a robbery. Looking after your home in this way keeps it safe alongside everyone in it too.

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