7 Different Types of Golden Retrievers

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As one of the most gentle and loving canines out there, Golden Retrievers have quickly earned their place as one of the most common pets to find in homes throughout the United States. Often touted as the best family dog to own, these furry companions make a great first-time pet for pet lovers.

If you’ve been seriously considering bringing a retriever home, you might be surprised to find out that they come in various types and colorations. Most are familiar with the classic American Golden Retriever, but there are quite a few others you may need to learn about.

Read on to get a quick rundown of the many different types of goldies and the different shades they come in!

English Cream Retriever

The English Cream is a popular retriever breed for many reasons. It sports a creamy white coat that is noticeably shorter and fuller than that of its American counterparts. This canine is a variation of the English Golden and looks a bit bulkier than other types of this breed. Their personalities are outstanding whether you have a family with little ones running around or want to take it to the park to play. You’ll love how intelligent these dogs are, making training easy.

When searching for English Cream Retriever puppies for sale, keep in mind these are mid-size dogs that can get upwards of 75 pounds. So, make sure you have plenty of room for your new pup to run and play.

English Golden Retrievers

If you love the American Golden’s look but want a shorter dog, consider the English Goldie instead. These pooches look majestic with their golden coats and shorter height. Just like other variations of this breed, these dogs are ridiculously friendly and dedicated.

Because they are extremely smart, you can teach them to perform tasks, tricks, and follow basic commands from an early age. This will prove useful since they tend to weigh quite a bit (55-70 pounds) and will need to learn how to meet and greet your friends and family without knocking them over in their excitement.

American Golden Retriever

This retriever is one of the most famous on the planet. Having been featured in books, on television, and on the silver screen, it quickly gained popularity among dog enthusiasts. The American Golden is your best option if you want a standard version of this breed. They look similar to their English and Canadian cousins and share many of the same traits. From intelligence to a calm personality, this pup will bring your family years of joy and love.

Red Golden Retriever

If you like Irish Setters’ look but want a retriever’s personality and size, look no further than Red Goldens. Their coats are undeniably red-hued, setting them apart from their fair-coated cousins. You’ll also notice that their fur isn’t nearly as heavy, though it tends to be longer. Compared to the Americans, Reds are on the smaller side, but just by a few inches.

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Another reason you might prefer this retriever breed is its higher energy level. They love task-oriented activities, making them great for playing fetch, agility training, or just hiking with you.

Black Golden Retriever

This type of retriever comes with a bit of controversy¬†since they aren’t purebreds. In fact, the only way you can get a black retriever is by breeding a Golden with a black Labrador or another darker breed, making their names a bit of a misnomer.

However, you can achieve the Black Golden appearance with cross-breeding, resulting in a retriever-looking canine that will hopefully possess all the character traits you love about the breed but has the darker coat of the other dog. Depending on which breeds your pup was sired, your furry pal could get extremely large.

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Canadian Golden Retriever

While this breed originated in the UK, the Canadian Golden Retriever became leaner and developed short, thin coats over time. These characteristics set them apart from other retriever breeds in that they are high-energy but level-headed. However, they still love socializing like their cousins and adore their humans. Don’t be surprised if your pup shadows you wherever you go; that’s how much they prefer the company of their families.

Field-Bred Golden Retriever

For the outdoorsman, Field-bred Golden Retrievers make fantastic hunting and fishing companions. This is probably due to their close relation to the Golden Retrievers of Scotland from the 19th century. Their coloration is mostly red to a darker golden hue, but their coats are shorter than others of this breed.

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While they stand a few inches shorter, their leaner build makes them extremely athletic. However, it’s advised to only own one of these dogs if you can give it the mental stimulation and exercise it needs.


The Golden Retriever breed offers a wide variety of personalities, sizes, and colorations, you might find it hard to choose which is best for your household. These dogs all share affectionate attitudes, high intelligence, and dedication to their loving families. So, consider the activities you would include your new pet in and whether their retriever type is a good fit. For example, you wouldn’t want an American Goldie for hunting when Reds and Field-Breds are purposely bred for these activities.

The most important takeaway when deciding to bring any retriever home is the fact you will have a big-hearted companion that will love to share in your adventures and be your best friend for a lifetime.

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