7 Ways to Have Fun in College without Partying

7 Ways to Have Fun in College without Partying

Maybe you’ve read the horror stories about what can happen after a night of binge drinking in college. Or perhaps your religious beliefs don’t allow you to drink.  In some cases, you may just prefer to stay sober so you can focus on your academics.

No matter the case, you can definitely still have an unforgettable college experience without drinking. So, what are some of the best things to do in college if you’re sober?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

1. Host an Arcade Game Tournament

When you were younger, we’re willing to bet that you loved playing classic arcade games with your friends.

Maybe you were obsessed with all things Galaga or just couldn’t get enough of Frogger. Perhaps your Centipede skills are unmatched. Maybe you want to play more modern games like Smash Brothers or Mario Tennis.

No matter the game you’re into, you can tap into your competitive side and have tons of fun in the process by setting up a video game tournament in your dorm on the weekends.

Raise the stakes by having the winner get their laundry done by the losers for a month.

2. Work for the Campus Literary Journal or Newspaper

Whether or not you’re a journalism or English major, but you had any experience in writing a paper and getting help with assignment, you should absolutely look into joining your campus’s newspaper or literary journal.

You’ll learn what it takes to be a true investigative reporter, and have the chance to fine-tune your editing skills. You can also write about important on-campus issues and events. This gives you an automatic “in” to talk to your fellow students.

If you’re working for the literary magazine, you’ll learn about what makes compelling poetry or prose. You can also help to organize literary readings with famous alums and local talent.

3. Get a Garden Plot in Your College Town

If playing stag do games on the weekends isn’t really your thing, why not spend a bit of time out in nature?

While everyone else is hungover or just filled with regret, you can enjoy the morning sunshine at a local garden plot. Ask some of your other sober friends to come and tend your plot with you.

You can plant herbs to cook with, your own vegetable garden, or just beautiful flowers that make you smile. They’ll also help you to make an amazing bouquet for that special someone.

4. Try out for a Play or Musical

One of the most rewarding things to do in college is to try out for a play or musical.

While leading roles will almost certainly go to theatre majors, there are student productions and smaller parts that you’ll likely land.

Plus, even if you don’t exactly have a talent for singing, you can help to build sets and props, as well as with lighting design.

You’ll meet tons of outgoing people, feel much more confident getting up in front of a crowd, and you’ll get to end your night with raucous applause. You don’t have to drink at the cast party, either — but they’re always tons of fun, so even if you want to stay sober, you should certainly still attend.

5. Join a Sports Team

Want to know how to have fun in college?

Try joining a sports team.

You’ll get the same camaraderie of a sorority or fraternity, but without all of the required drunken nights. (Showing up hungover for a big game is a great way to get kicked off of a team or just seriously disappoint your teammates.)

Sports will teach you discipline, help you to make tons of friends, and standing out on the field will definitely help you to score a hot date to the formal.

6. Try an Escape Room

Escape rooms are all the rage lately, and you don’t have to drink to be able to enjoy them. In fact, if you stay sober, you’ll probably be able to solve the puzzles and follow the clues needed to make it out on time.

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To make it even more fun, grab your friends and find an escape room with a unique theme. Then, show up dressed for the era or scenario.

Photo opportunity, anyone?

7. Be Someone’s Designated Driver

Designated drivers have saved about 50,000 lives — you could help save 50,001.

Partying is, for many people, one of the most fun things to do in college. But if you’ve chosen to stay sober or if you’re just taking the night off from drinking, be a hero — and make tons of new friends — by volunteering to be the designated driver.

You can hit the bars, clubs, and other event spaces with your friends, and then drive everyone around from one location to another. Eventually, you’ll get everyone home safely. Be sure to remind them that you accept tips!

Bonus Idea: Treat Yourself to Something Special

For honoring your commitment not to drink and party, how about treating yourself to hip hop jewelry pieces at VVS Jewelry?  You can then look at your special piece of jewelry and know you have stayed true to yourself on your vow to abstain from the parties surrounding you.

There Are Plenty of Things to Do in College Without Drinking

Whether you want to spend your Saturday night editing an article for the campus newspaper, or if you want to be the ultimate wingman and serve as someone’s designated driver for the night, there are tons of epic things to do in college that don’t require drinking.

College is a time to follow your passions and try out things that you normally would be afraid to. It’s also a time to forming lasting memories and friendships.

Looking for more advice about how to get the most out of your college years? Want to learn how to decorate your dorm room on a budget?

No matter what you want to learn, we’ll help you to do it right. Keep checking back in with our blog to make sure you don’t miss out.

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