8 Electrical Upgrades an Older Home Needs

Is your home more than a few decades old? If so, it likely needs some electrical system upgrades, done by an electrician in McKinney, or an electrician wherever you are based, to meet current standards. Many components in an older home’s electrical system are no longer up to code and can pose a fire hazard.

If you have multiple electrical issues, such as dimming lights and outlets that don’t work, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. Consult electricians in Fort Worth or your locality. They can tell what needs fixing and help you determine the best way to move forward. Here are six electrical upgrades an older home needs.

Outdated Breaker Panel

Older homes usually have either a 60-amp or 100-amp electrical service. This may have been sufficient initially, but it’s no longer enough to power today’s electrical needs. Most homes now require at least a 200-amp electrical service.

An upgrade to the breaker panel is a significant project that will require the services of a professional electrician. They will install a new main electrical service and run new wiring to the breaker panel. They do this after analysing your home’s electrical needs.

Aluminium Wiring

If your home has aluminium wiring, it needs replacement as soon as possible. Aluminium wiring is no longer up to code and is considered a fire hazard. Experienced electricians can replace the aluminium wiring with copper wiring, which is safer.

Old Outlets

Older homes often have two-pronged outlets. These outlets are not grounded and present a shock hazard. Replace them with three-pronged outlets that are properly grounded. The task entails installing new outlets and running new wiring.

You can do this yourself, but have a professional electrician check your work to ensure it’s up to code. As you carry out the exercise, check the condition of the outlets. If they are cracked or broken, replace them to prevent fires.

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Dated Light Switches and Wiring

Old light switches pose a fire hazard. If your home has knob-and-tube wiring, it needs replacing. It’s an outdated system no longer up to code. It’s also a fire hazard. To replace it, run new wiring and install new switches.

Upgrade to LED Lighting

If your home still uses incandescent bulbs, now is the time to upgrade to LED lighting. This type of lighting is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It will also save you money on electric bills. You can install LED lighting yourself or hire a professional electrician to do it for you.

Other than this, invest in bright lighting, controlled with your voice, phone, or tablet. Set it on a schedule to turn on and off when you’re not home. It’s a great way to deter burglars.

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Add More Outlets

If you find yourself using extension cords and power strips, it’s a sign you need to add more outlets. It’s a relatively easy do-it-yourself project. Just be sure to turn off the power to the circuit you’ll be working on before starting. Run the new wiring and install the outlets. Once again, have a professional electrician check your work.

Install a Ceiling Fan

If your home doesn’t have ceiling fans, it is time to install them. Ceiling fans circulate air and keep your home cool in summer. You can install a ceiling fan, but having an electrician do it is a good idea to ensure it’s properly grounded. Note that not all ceilings can support a ceiling fan. Consult an electrician before buying one.

Get a Home Energy Audit

Get a home energy audit if unsure where to start with your electrical upgrades. A professional will come to your home and assess your electrical needs. They will then give you a list of recommended upgrades. In addition, many utility companies offer home energy audits at no cost.

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Upgrades Increase Safety and Energy Efficiency

Making these electrical upgrades will increase your home’s safety and energy efficiency. It will also make it more attractive to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell. Contact a professional electrician immediately if you have concerns about your home’s electrical system. They will assess the situation and make any necessary repairs.

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