8 Steps To Getting Rid Of Fear After An Accident

car accident

Even the most accurate driver who has successfully passed the drivers test is not immune from an emergency on the road. In most cases, having experienced this, we sit behind the wheel again and drive as if nothing had happened, maybe a little more carefully than before the accident.

But not everything is so rosy. Sometimes, having experienced a serious accident, when our life or the life of a passenger was in the balance of death, we are no longer able to drive a car.

The first thing to do if you feel fear or anxiety about driving is to analyze the situation. Having realized that you have received a trauma, you must admit the fact that you really have it. Only then can you begin to act effectively to regain your ability to drive.

1. Take a sheet of paper and reflect on it everything that happened to you in great detail.

Memories can cause pain and other unpleasant feelings. But this must be done in order to understand what your brain has memorized and saved under the heading “danger”. What you have to deal with. Pay attention to what concerns you the most – these will be the key points of your anxiety.

2. If one of the passengers is injured, you should stop blaming yourself.

 Everyone is responsible for himself, for his life, for his health. So this is, first of all, his choice – to get into the car with you or not. You did everything you could to prevent the accident, everything that was in your power, and nothing better could be done in this situation. After all, you saved your life and the life of a passenger, and such motivation made the body work to the limit of its capabilities.

3. Now is the time to create powerful motivation for yourself to get behind the wheel again.

To do this, think about how your life will change after you become a pedestrian. After all, using a car, you lived in a certain rhythm. And now, to keep up with everything, you have to change your schedule. And trips in public transport after the comfortable interior of your car will turn into real torture for you. A person does not like changes and always strives to preserve everything that he or she likes at any cost. Therefore, the desire to stay in the same comfortable conditions will serve as good motivation for you.

4. You must stop being ashamed of your injury.

Only by accepting the problem can you work with it. You are not ashamed that you cannot drive a car with a broken arm, and there is nothing shameful about the fact that you received a psychic trauma. So don’t try to hide it from people. The important thing is that you solve this problem and do not intend to put up with it.

5. To get started, just sit in your car and observe how it makes you feel.

If you have not experienced anxiety, then everything is fine, and if you have experienced it, then try to figure out what causes it. Perhaps the sensations will be so strong that you want to leave the car immediately. Try to calm down. If that doesn’t work, ask someone to be with you for support. Anxiety in the presence of another person will noticeably subside.

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6. Plan your trip.

Before starting the car and leaving the parking lot, think over the route of movement around the yard, mentally scroll through all the turns in your head.

7. Now we leave on the road.

At this stage, it is best to ask an experienced driver to back you up. It is worth choosing a route with less heavy traffic and a minimum of intersections.

8. To increase your own confidence and improve your driving skills.

It will not be superfluous to take courses in extreme driving in a special driving school.

If you have reached step 8, you can be sure that your trauma has been successfully passed and you can enjoy driving again. And if you are stuck at any stage, then do not despair, because you have set a goal for yourself to drive the car again, which means that you will soon achieve it.

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