8 Steps to Take if You’re Suffering From Shoulder Pain After a Car Accident

Shoulder pain after a car accident could generate from several different injuries. Rotator cuff injuries are the most common causes of severe shoulder pain after an accident. Any party in pain following a collision can get emergency assistance to evaluate their injuries. The details may also help them gauge how costly their medical expenses are following the event. 

Discuss the Case With an Attorney

After a car accident with injuries, the victim needs to talk to an attorney if the at-fault driver doesn’t file an insurance claim. With a legal claim, the victim could get compensation for their injuries and financial losses.

If the person couldn’t go back to work because of their injuries, they could include replacement for the wages they couldn’t get during recovery. Victims can talk to an attorney after an injury and find out what they should do next. 

Seek Medical Treatment

If a victim is experiencing shoulder pain, they need emergency healthcare services. While it may seem like a minor injury, it could be an underlying symptom of a more complex condition.

By going to the ER, doctors can complete x-rays and examinations and give the person a proper diagnosis. If the individual needs surgery, the doctors can set up the services, and the victim may get a chance to file an insurance claim through the responsible driver’s insurance policy. 

Get Insurance Information From the Accountable Driver

Before leaving the scene of the accident, all injured parties should collect insurance information from the at-fault driver. If they don’t get the information, the victim cannot contact their insurer and make arrangements with a claim’s adjuster. 

Visit A Chiropractor

Shoulder pain could be an underlying symptom of a pinched nerve. The condition may happen as a result of an auto accident. If the shoulder is shifted into an unnatural position, it could damage a nerve or pin a nerve ending when it is forced back into its proper place. A chiropractor can perform a variety of services to correct and treat shoulder discomfort. 

Complete Physical Therapy

Many people have to undergo physical therapy while they are recovering from accident injuries. The services are beneficial and help individuals get back on their feet after long or short-term treatment.

Shoulder pain may require some rehab to reduce the risk of torn tendons and damaged muscles. 

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Take Medications As Directed

Doctors prescribe medicine for individuals suffering from auto accident injuries. By taking the treatment as directed, they can get relief and get back to their lives faster. OTC medications are used for minor shoulder and arm injuries. 

Get Medical Records and Invoices for All Treatments

If the victim must file a legal claim, they need to get copies of all their medical records related to the auto accident and invoices for the costs. The court needs an accurate total of all medical expenses incurred by the person because of their injuries. 

Attend All Follow-Up Appointments

The individual must attend all their follow-up appointments to ensure they have healed properly. If the victim needs ongoing services, their clinician will provide details and give them a cost estimate for their legal claim. 

Auto accidents produce a myriad of injuries, and some wounds cause severe shoulder, neck, or back pain. When seeking medical treatment, they can find out if the injuries are minor or if surgery is necessary. By filing a legal claim, victims can seek compensation through the accountable parties. 

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