8 Tips for Growing Your Social Media Account

The world of social media is fairly new; however, it has exploded and become one of the largest industries in society. Regardless of your own opinion on social media, you cannot deny the large hold it has. Because of this, whether you are an influencer or a company, it would be completely foolish to ignore such a large platform. Growing your social media account doesn’t just mean creating one account either; it means representing yourself on every platform out there to increase your exposure. If it were this easy, however, everyone would be an influencer with millions of followers. Here are eight tips that you can use to help grow your social media account.

Purchasing Followers

One of the first things that you can look into when growing your account is to purchase followers to help kickstart everything. Purchasing followers can be a little controversial as platforms are frequently trying to crack down on it. That is why if you plan to go this route, you need to make sure that your followers are coming from a legitimate source and that they are engaging with your content. Fake followers have become easy to spot, as accounts will have no engagement despite thousands of followers. If you plan on doing this, you must do your research to make sure you are going to be getting a good return for what you are investing.

Engage With Your Followers

When people are following you, they are doing so because they have taken an interest in your life and the content that you are creating. If you want to retain them and keep them active on your accounts, you need to take some time to interact with them on a daily basis.


This might become difficult once you amass a larger following, but when you are just starting out, there is no reason not to engage with your followers often. By engaging with your followers, they are also more likely to tell their friends about you, therefore increasing your reach. Spending an hour each day replying to comments and answering questions will go a long way toward growing and retaining viewership on your social media account.

Make Sure You Have Quality Content

You can engage with your followers all you want, but at the end of the day, it does not make a difference if you are not producing quality content. Look at all of the social media accounts that have gotten famous over the years. While you might not like the content that they produce, you must agree that the creators put a large amount of time and effort into creating this content. The same goes for the content that you are creating. Spend time editing it, refining it, and ensuring that the content is the best it can be. Quality content does get noticed, and algorithms on the platforms help to push quality content.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to increase your exposure, as people who are not following you can easily discover you this way. Do not become someone who overuses hashtags or abuses the system, but instead, use hashtags that are relative to your content. People will slowly start to stumble upon your accounts, and if you are producing quality content, they might follow you and stick around. Hashtags can definitely help grow your account; however, you do still have to make sure you are producing quality content.

Know Your Audience

Once you have started to gain a following, you need to look at the types of followers you have and what type of content they are consuming. For example, if you have a younger audience, you should be aware that content with profanity or content geared toward an older age group will not go well.


This might lead you to sometimes create content you do not want to do; however, it will help to increase your numbers and will help to retain followers as well. People who have made drastic changes to their content over the years have normally seen their social media accounts suffer as a result. It is always important to know your audience and cater to them.

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Teaming up with other influencers or other social media accounts can greatly help to increase the amount of exposure you are getting. As the person you are working with is more than likely going to be advertising the content, you are now appealing to a much wider audience. Not only that, but your credibility as a content creator also improves as people see you working with a well-known influencer. Make sure that you are partnering up with someone within your same niche, as you do not want your audiences to clash with one another.


Creating quality content is important, but that content means nothing if you publish it once a month or less. Following a consistent release schedule will help to retain followers and will build a routine with them. They know when to expect your newest content and will await it. The more often you post on social media, the better; however, you do want to make sure that the quality of your posts does not degrade.

Set Goals

Finally, set goals for yourself and also be open to sharing those goals with your followers. The newest trend on many social media websites is to advertise the number of followers you are hoping to get by the end of the month or the end of the year. You will find your audience will be more than willing to help you out and find ways to share you with their friends. When setting goals, aim for goals that are measurable, specific, and realistic. Creating goals that are not attainable will only create stressful situations for you and will also decrease your credibility with your audience.

These are all great tips that you can use to help grow your social media account. It will start out as a slow process, and at times there will be some luck involved; however, if you stick to it and ensure that you are producing quality content on a consistent basis, you should slowly see your social media accounts start to grow. What type of content do you plan on producing?

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