8 Ways to Transform a Party Bus for Your Sweet 16!

Party Bus

Party buses are a wonderful and versatile venue for any special occasion and they can, of course, be used for transportation too, making them a double win for celebrations and festivities. A Sweet Sixteen party is often the first taste of near-adulthood that a youngster can have (while they are traditionally for girls, there is no reason why a boy can’t have a Sweet Sixteen too – although he might want to call it something else!) and it should offer a glimpse of grown-up fun, without any of the attendant risks! Here are some cute touches that will give a Sweet Sixteen party bus a great look.


Balloons are great fun, no matter what age you are! You can invest in a beautiful balloon arch to frame the doorway, or you can simply fill the bus’s floor with loads of blown-up balloons. Or ceiling, if you get some helium filled ones!


Glitter is somewhat pernicious and do be aware that once unleashed, you will find it everywhere for months later – but it is so pretty and makes everything sparkle! Literally! There are many types of glitter, from eco-friendly to body-glitter – your Sweet Sixteen and their friends can draw glittery patterns on each other! – to edible glitter that can be added to cupcakes and cookies.


Confetti, like glitter, adds a hedonistic edge to a venue, and is easily cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner once the party is over. You can buy commercial confetti – which comes in an array almost as wide as glitter, with eco-friendly and edible options on the market – or you can make your own by buying a set of cute paper punches in various adorable shapes.


Some party buses contain a compact but effective dancefloor, a half-size disco ball and strobe lights, and a superb sound system. Your child and their friends can enjoy the atmosphere of a nightclub entirely populated by their friends for double the fun while you have none of the worries that you would if your child were mingling with strangers – as, no doubt, they will be doing in a year or so!

Non-Alcohol Bar

The larger party buses have a well-stocked bar, which you can ask to have filled with child-friendly sodas, fruit juices and sparkling waters so your Sweet Sixteens can feel grown up ordering from the bar, without any alcohol ‘accidentally’ being consumed!

VIP Space

The bigger buses – those that can hold forty to fifty guests – often boast a separate area that can be used as a VIP area for the birthday girl (or boy) and their best friends to hang out for a while as they catch their breath and get ready for their next stint on the dance floor or entertaining their guests in the main body of the bus.

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Light Display

Party buses are carefully designed so they look like a nightclub, with no obvious hints that the interior is actually the inside of a bus! This is often enhanced with clever lighting with neon strips, strobes, and decorative mirrors that open out the space, making it seem larger and more welcoming. A laser display is sometimes available to delight and entrance the guests.

Curated Playlist

Put together a carefully curated playlist of your Sweet Sixteen’s favorite songs – and don’t forget to include some mildly embarrassing but catchy ones that everyone will delight in singing along with as they stampede onto the dancefloor!

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