A Beginner’s Guide: Preparing For The First Vaping Session


The increasing popularity of vaping is no fad. There are legit reasons for people opting for vaping over smoking. But, that’s not the reason you’re here. You probably, already know the benefits that vaping has over smoking.

The reason you’re here must be- you are probably planning to experience vaping for the very first time in your life. And an indispensable part of your preparation must be to familiarize yourself with the process of selecting a vaporizer.

Choosing the right vaporizer

The market is flooding with different makes and models of vaporizers like the delta-8. Certainly, choosing the right one from a plethora of options is not an easy task. But with little knowledge and taking a gradual approach may simplify it for you.

  • Technology

The very first step you must consider is to decide whether you would be vaping e-juices, terpenes and oils, or dry flowers. The technologies used for creating vapor clouds from these materials are not all the same. For instance, dry herb vaping is usually preferred in a convection type vaporizer. Whereas, for vaping juices and e-liquids, conduction type vaporizers are more popular. The type of technology would actually determine the quality of vapor clouds. Subsequently, your experience with your vaping session would also be determined by these decisions.

  • Size

Besides deciding the technology, you must also decide if you would be vaping on-the-go or enjoy your sessions in your bedroom. As for vaping on-the-go, you may need to buy a portable type of vaporizer. Most importantly, as this article explains, https://openvapeshop.com/blogs/news/how-to-use-a-vape-pen you must also learn the appropriate way to use a vape cartridges pen. Notably, a vape pen is a type of portable vaporizer but closely resembles a pen. Thus, offering discreetness to the user during the session. On the other hand, you may prefer buying a desktop vaporizer if you will be enjoying your sessions sitting on your sofa in your lounge.

Once you’ve made up your mind, and subsequently, have purchased your first vaporizer the next thing is to prepare your device for the session.

Preparing your device for the very first time

Usually, all electronic devices and gadgets that are battery-powered require the users to charge the battery to full before using it for the first time. Apart from this, you must also sterilize the atomizer or the heating coils before you put in the material for the session.

Once you have the battery to its full power (for portable vaporizers) read the instruction manual carefully to understand how to arrange the temperature setting. For desktop vaporizers, you need not go through the charging part, rather you can simply proceed to sterilization and heat setting.

Now that you’ve set your device to the desired temperature, you can insert the material to begin your vaping session. However, there’s still something that you must take the utmost care about- following the right vaping technique.

Vaping the right way

Notably, the vaping technique is subjective and may vary from person to person. That being said, there are a few general rules that can enhance your first experience with vaping.

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  • Try temperature settings to find your fix

 Most vaping experts would suggest vaping at mild temperatures. Of course, mild temperature settings allow the terpenes to produce denser vapors and also avoid burning of the material. However, the actual temperature setting is sure to vary from vaper to vaper. Some people prefer vaping at higher temperatures, while others prefer lower temperatures. Therefore, it is advisable to try and find your own comfortable temperature points for the best experience. Keep on playing with the temperature settings as long as you don’t get the desired flavors from your material.

  • Opt for high-quality vaping ingredients

 Apart from the temperature settings, the type ingredient you use would also affect the flavors and density of the clouds. A high-quality vaping juice, for example, would surely produce flavor-rich dense clouds that would enhance your experience. On the other hand, a poor quality product would lack either good flavors or denser clouds, but certainly, you won’t find your satisfaction.

  • Allow the device to pre-heat

 Notably, every manufacturer would suggest that you pre-heat your vaporizer before using it. This would help you draw clouds instantly as you begin your vaping session, without wasting the material.

  • Gradually increase the draw force

 Lastly, you must not draw vapors forcefully from the very first drag. In fact, you should try increasing the draw force gradually, drag after drag, along with increasing the temperature slowly after a few drags. This would produce rich flavors throughout the session with a consistent density.

To sum it up, your first experience with the vaping would determine whether you would continue or quit. Nevertheless, following the right way would determine the appropriate experience. So, advisably, you should try to personalize your experience and then analyze whether its good or bad.

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