Achieve a Sleek and Smooth Blow Out on Natural Hair

blow out on natural hair

Blow Out on Natural Hair

Are you tired of dealing with frizzy and unmanageable natural hair? I was too, until I discovered the amazing technique of blowouts for natural hair. A blowout is a hairstyling method that uses heat to straighten and smooth out curly or kinky hair textures. It’s a game-changer for those who want to switch up their look or simply enjoy the versatility of straightened hair.

So, what exactly does a blowout on natural hair entail? Well, it involves using a blow dryer and a round brush to stretch out your curls while maintaining volume. The process starts with properly cleansing and conditioning your hair to ensure it’s free from any product buildup or impurities. Then, section by section, you’ll apply a heat protectant before using the blow dryer on low to medium heat settings. By gently brushing through each section as you dry, you’ll be left with smooth and sleek strands that can last for days.

The beauty of blowouts on natural hair is that they allow you to experiment with different styles and keep your mane in check without resorting to chemical relaxers or excessive heat styling. Plus, when done correctly with the right products and techniques, it can minimize damage caused by excessive manipulation.

Why Blow Out on Natural Hair?

Benefits of Blow Out on Natural Hair

When it comes to caring for natural hair, blowouts can offer a range of benefits that make them worth considering. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Versatility: A blowout can temporarily straighten your natural curls, giving you the versatility to experiment with different hairstyles. From sleek and smooth looks to voluminous waves, a blowout provides a blank canvas for styling creativity.
  2. Length Retention: Regularly wearing your hair in its natural state can sometimes lead to excessive shrinkage, making it difficult to gauge your true hair length. By blowing out your hair, you can get an accurate measurement and track your growth progress more effectively.
  3. Manageability: Natural hair can be prone to tangling and knots due to its coiled texture. However, a blowout helps loosen the curl pattern, making detangling easier and reducing the risk of breakage during styling or maintenance.
  4. Enhanced Shine: The process of blow drying helps smooth the cuticles of your hair strands, resulting in increased shine and luster. This added sheen not only enhances the overall appearance but also contributes to healthier-looking locks.

How to Safely Blow Out Natural Hair

To ensure a safe and successful blowout experience for your natural hair, consider these tips:

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  1. Preparation: Start by washing and conditioning your hair with products suitable for your specific texture type. Apply a heat protectant spray or serum before using any heat styling tools.
  2. Sectioning: Divide your hair into smaller sections using clips or bands for better control during the blow-drying process.
  3. Low Heat Setting: Set your blow dryer on a low or medium heat setting to minimize potential heat damage while still achieving desired results.
  4. Proper Technique: Use a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush when blow-drying to gently stretch your hair strands. Direct the airflow downwards along the hair shafts to smooth out any frizz or flyaways.
  5. Cool Down: Finish by using the cool shot button on your blow dryer to help seal the cuticles and lock in moisture, promoting long-lasting results.

Products for a Successful Natural Hair Blow Out

Here are some recommended products that can assist you in achieving a successful natural hair blowout:

  • Heat Protectant Spray: Look for a lightweight spray formulated specifically to shield your hair from heat damage during styling.
  • Leave-In Conditioner: Use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner before blow drying to provide additional hydration and protection.
  • Blow Dryer with Diffuser Attachment: Opt for a blow dryer that includes a diffuser attachment to distribute air more evenly, reducing potential heat-related stress on your hair.
  • Paddle Brush or Wide-Toothed Comb: Choose tools with wide teeth or bristles to minimize breakage while detangling and smoothing your hair during blowouts.

Remember, it’s important to choose products suitable for your unique hair type and needs. Experimenting with different brands and formulations can help you find what works best for you.

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