Achieve Bouncy, Heat-Free Curls: Flexi Rods on Natural Curly Hair

flexi rods on natural curly hair

Flexi Rods on Natural Curly Hair

When it comes to using flexi rods for creating perfect curls without applying heat, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve in, step by step to achieve this.

The first step to installing flexi rods is preparation. Wash your hair thoroughly. It’s important to have clean hair for better results.

Apply Products

After washing, while your hair remains damp, apply your favorite leave-in conditioner. Not only will this ensure that your hair is moisturized but it also serves as a foundation for the styling products to come.

Furthermore, to make sure the curls have a good hold and last longer, we suggest using a curling cream or mousse. When applying, be sure to get root to tip coverage for each section of hair.

Section the Hair

Next is to section the hair. Depending on the thickness of your natural hair, you can choose to divide it into four or six sections. Creating sections will make the install process far more manageable. Smaller sections equate to tighter curls while larger ones will give you big, looser curl patterns.

Wrap the Hair around the Rods

Now comes the main part: wrapping your hair around the rods. Hold your hair taut and place the end of the section at the base of the flexi rod. Wind your hair around the rod, moving upwards until you reach the root. Lastly, bend the ends of the rod to secure it in place. Do remember: the smoother your hair is when you wrap it, the smoother your curls will be.

Allow Hair to Dry

Patience is key after your hair is all wrapped up. To get the best result from flexi rods, your hair needs to be completely dry before removal. You can choose to air dry or use a hooded dryer if available. Air drying might take several hours—a good chance to relax, read a book or eat some ice cream while your curls set.

Remove the Rods

When your hair is 100% dry, it’s time to remove the rods gently. Start from the ends and carefully unwind without disturbing the curl pattern. To maximize shine and reduce any potential frizz, try applying a small amount of oil to your hands during the process.

And there you have it! Beautiful, heatless curls with flexi rods! Now, you can move on to your favorite finishing touches. Perhaps a little hair oil for extra shine or some edge control for those baby hairs.

Tips for Achieving the Best Results

Changing up your style with flexi rods can be a fun and heat-free way to define your curls. But to achieve that perfect bounce, you need the right techniques. Let’s delve into a few expert tips that will set you on the right path.

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Use the Right Size Rods

The first thing to focus on is choosing the right size flexi rods for the type of curls you want. Smaller rods create tight, spiral curls while larger ones deliver loose waves. Consider the final look you’re aiming for before you start. Always remember, however, curl size will also depend on hair length and thickness.

Apply Products Properly

When preparing to curl your hair with flexi rods, the products you use can make all the difference. Start by applying a leave-in conditioner to moisturize the hair and combat frizz. Next, an even application of curling cream or mousse will help the curls hold their shape. Distribute these products evenly throughout your hair. A good technique is to apply them section by section – this ensures every strand receives an even coating.

Wrap Hair Tightly but Gently

Wrapping your hair around the flexi rods is where the magic happens. For smooth, defined curls, you need to wrap tightly. But, it’s essential to strike the right balance. Pulling or tugging can cause breakage and damage your curls. Instead, your aim should be to gently but firmly wrap your hair – ensuring it lies smooth and flat on the rod.

Ensure Hair is Completely Dry

Patience is your friend when using flexi rods. For the best results, allow your hair to dry completely before removing the rods. This might mean leaving them overnight. A good indicator is when your hair feels completely cool to the touch. Ensuring your hair is thoroughly dry will make your curls last longer and look more defined.

Separate Curls Carefully

The final step involves careful separation of your curls. Apply a small amount of oil to help reduce frizz, then gently separate the curls with your fingers. Avoid pulling or tugging at the curls as this can cause frizz or disrupt the curl pattern. It’s more about creating a natural look, letting the curls fall into their distinctive shapes.

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