ACTIV5 Fitness is a Portable Isometric Device Get Your Workout On

ACTIV5 Fitness is a Portable Isometric Device Get Your Workout On

Disclosure:  We received an ACTIV5 in order to facilitate our review.  All opinions are our own.

As you might know, my husband has been working out on almost a daily basis (including running) since last October.  Although he has run into a few physical issues, he has been moving forward and looking for new ideas when it comes to his workouts.  He recently walk/ran a 5K for Liv Like Liz to fight ovarian cancer, which he has done in the past.  So when ACTIV5 fitness offered us their portable fitness device, I had to accept so Roger could try it out.

ACTIV5 Fitness is a Portable Isometric Device Get Your Workout On


The first thing we love about this device is that is like having a tiny gym in your pocket.  It effectively tones and strengthens your muscles.  It has a durable design that measures more than 200lbs of muscle force.  This has been proven to increase strength by an average of 30% in just 6 weeks. Roger is excited that we can take it with us when we travel and he now may even end his gym membership so no more using extra gas to get to and from the gym.


You will love the coaching app that is available on iOS and Android operating systems, the Activ5 Companion App features more than 100 seated and standing workouts, enabling users of any age and fitness level to achieve the benefits of strength training with ease.   This is a positive as anyone in the family can use it, and benefit from it.  You can use 1 ACTIV5 for the whole family by setting up each user’s profile so they can keep track of their progress.


The Activ5 App personalizes 100+ workouts to your fitness level, tracks your progress and allows you to exercise while playing games.  I love the idea of playing games while at the same time giving you a workout you can enjoy and you won’t even feel like you are doing a workout.

What you will get from using the ACTIV5 portable isometric device

  • Full body exercises
  • Short effective workouts
  • Low impact & Safe

Benefits of ACTIV5:

  • Saves you time. You won’t have to drive to the gym or pay for a membership
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Improve range of motion
  • Get stronger and bigger muscles
  • Benefits over aerobic exercise
  • High Endurance Exercise
  • Improves your stamina

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  • This sounds like an interesting product! I love that it helps motivate you as well, what a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

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