All You Need To Know About Perfumes

All You Need To Know About Perfumes

Perfumes are the ultimate luxury statement. Throughout history, they’ve been used as a currency, seduction method, and some even claim, as an aphrodisiac. Therefore, it makes total sense that even nowadays, they’re considered a perfect gift and something worth wearing and cherishing, in order to feel happier and better. So, if you’re a perfume enthusiast, or you just want to learn more about fragrances, here are some useful facts and tips that will help you know more. 

The earliest perfume uses date more than 2500 years ago 

Perfume uses have been recorded among Romans and Arabs. In fact, the word “perfume” originates from the Latin word “per fumum” which means literally “through the smoke”. Even Roman emperor Nero liked to use fountains of jasmine and rose oil that distributed the scent through the air. There was no lavish party without that. On the other hand, Arabs preferred to burn incense to perfume the environment and their clothing. 

However, the first recorded perfume maker was a woman named Tapputi, in the ancient Babylon-Mesopotamia, around 1200 BCE. It’s been recorded that she knew how to extract scents, which was actually the groundlaying work of perfume making that we know today. 

Perfumes do have an expiry date 

Perfumes look so beautiful on a shelf, that we often forget that they do have an expiry date. This is due to the fact that the perfume composition tends to change with time. So once it gets opened, or comes into contact with air, it should be used within three years. Generally, all perfumes should be used within 3-5 years. There are differences regardless of the fragrance type, which is why, for example, eau de toilette fragrances tend to have a distinct alcohol smell after a couple of years. 

Buying a perfume shouldn’t be an impulsive action

If you’ve ever found yourself in a perfume store, then you know what it’s like being overwhelmed by all the amazing choices that all have a fantastic smell. But, no matter how tempted you might be, perfume shopping should never be impulsive. Instead, make sure to take your time, and browse various sources (and stores!) in order to get a better overview of what might work for you. For example, the internet is full of valuable information, so feel free to read the Ouai Melrose Place Eau de Parfum Review, so you’ll know what to expect. Reading fragrance reviews is a great way to learn more about them, and therefore, make the best and most informed choice. 

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Proper perfume application matters the most 

Sure, spraying the perfume all around might do the trick, but that’s not the most effective wake to make the fragrance last. Since the perfume is activated and boosted by the body heat, then it’s essential to apply it to your body’s pulse points in order to make it last longer. Remember that rubbing your wrists together after applying perfume will make it evaporate faster, and also smell different. Plus, applying the perfume to your hair is also a sure way to make it last all day, so next time, just spray the perfume on the brush and then comb it through your hair. Applying it directly to your hair can make it dry, due to higher alcohol content. 


There are so many facts about different types of fragrances, and how they’ve developed throughout history. The art of making perfumes is timeless, which is why we still love them and use them today. Also, knowing more about them will be of great help when buying the fragrance for yourself or someone you love. 

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