Am I a Bad Parent If I Smoke Weed?

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Am I a Bad Parent If I Smoke Weed?

Does using marijuana make you a bad parent? If you wonder, “Can I still be good for my kids if I smoke weed?”. We’ve got your answers.

The age-old question about whether smoking weed makes you a bad parent? Some people choose to have a glass of wine at the end of the day while others choose to smoke a little herb every now and then. You may wonder, “so what if I smoke weed? Does it really affect my ability to be an amazing parent to my children?”

There are shirts and tons of memes that shout how acceptable it is to be a parent that enjoys a glass of wine every now and then. The legalization of weed has been sweeping the country, making it more and more accessible.

Because of legalization more questions about smoking weed are arising!

Breastfeeding and Smoking Weed

The benefits of breastfeeding your baby are so numerous it’s hard to list them all. Breastfeeding can provide your child with essential antibodies that they can’t get anywhere else except your body.

Breastfeeding is also beneficial can keep your child from suffering digestion issues that can arise from testing different formulas. It can prevent your child from becoming obese in the future and can lessen the likelihood that they will suffer from diseases like lymphomas.

Breastfeeding also helps mothers to lose and maintain balanced body weight. Studies have been conducted to show that the risks of smoking weed while breastfeeding outweighs the benefits.

Weed and Breastmilk

Whatever a mother ingests a portion of that will filter into her milk supply. Weed can cause mind-altering symptoms such as panic and disorientation. Babies ingest about 2.5% of the weed that is smoked or eaten by their mother.

Unlike alcohol, the idea of ”pumping and dumping” will not work with weed. Weed remains in your system for days, weeks, and at some time months. The longer you had weed, the longer it takes for weed to leave your system.

I Smoke Weed But it Doesn’t Get Me High

There are a couple of reasons why weed may not be getting you high:

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  • It’s your first time smoking and you don’t know what you’re doing
  • You’re not inhaling the smoke properly
  • The weed you have is a different weed strain. Check out the intrinsic hemp site for more information about weed
  • You’re not smoking enough weed
  • You’ve smoked so much weed that it no longer has an effect

When weed stops taking effect you will have to smoke more weed each time to achieve the same feeling. The more weed you have to smoke essentially means more money that is being taken from your kids to buy the weed.

Why Smoke Weed

People smoke weed for a number of reasons sometimes it’s because they enjoy the calming effect of the weed. Some people smoke it to help control their anxiety and some smoke it to give them an appetite.

What’s your reason for smoking weed? If your smoking habit takes precedence over your children then it’s time to consider weed’s purpose in your life.

Light Up

Whether you are on the side of smokers or against it the fact is that people and parents are going to continue to smoke weed. If you’re still struggling with the thought that your weed habit makes you a bad parent check out more blog posts today!

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