Beauty Bests: The Most Underrated Beauty Products of 2023


Makeup is fun. It can make you look like a character from a fairytale; it can transform you into a vamp or the girl next door, camouflage all kinds of imperfections and highlight your best features if you know how to use them well. A good red lipstick can elevate any outfit, a swipe of mascara can make you look awake when you’ve had sleepless nights, and a few little dots of contour applied in the right places can reshape your face if needed. All makeup is fun, but some makeup is criminally underrated. Those products you use every day but never really think about, those that outlast all the others, those that never fail to pull a look together or save you when you’ve left things to the last minute. Those underrated products are the ones that all good makeup collections are built on, and these are the best of them.

Gel Eyeliner

Every makeup wearer has one thing in common: we’ve all tried to do a cat eye in a rush and been subjected to disastrous results. It goes like this: you’re on a tight schedule, but your regular makeup look doesn’t feel special enough. You whip out the liquid eyeliner, start cautiously lining your upper lid, and pull the line away from the edge of your eye – too far. Or the line is too thick. You try to wipe it out, but that liquid line just smudges and messes up all the hard work you put into your face makeup. Sound like a nightmare? That’s because it is. Suppose you substitute gel eyeliner for that messy liquid eyeliner. In that case, you offer yourself more control, a more straightforward application, and a far easier wipe-off if you get it wrong a few times. Gel eyeliner slides on in pencil form and stays put (no smudging or bleeding) until you wipe it away at the day’s or night’s end.

A Brow and Gel and Pencil Duo

Any two-in-one product means space saved in your makeup bag and one less product to mislay, and you’re doing your makeup on the go or on vacation somewhere. A brow pencil and gel duo is beneficial because touchups are often needed throughout the day. To finish off your look, all you need to do is fill in any sparse spots in your brows using the pencil end and then apply your gel (against the grain) through your brows and brush them upward.


Pat them down gently and fan them till they dry in place. Depending on your activity of choice or the weather, you may need to apply a little bit of gel during the day or night to keep them looking fresh.

Blush And Highlighter Stick Combo

Another highly underrated combo is the humble blush and highlighter stick combo. Instead of carrying two separate powder products in your bag or makeup kit, each of which would require its own brush, carry one combo stick that slides on and blends out with just your fingers or, if you’re feeling fancy, a beauty blender. Add a little bit of color to a fair face and highlight your already gorgeous cheekbones with a little bit of a glimmer. These little things bring a makeup look together and add something extra.

Thickening Mascara

We’ve all tried the lengthening and curling mascaras out there (because who doesn’t love curly lashes?), but an aspect we often overlook is lash makeup thickness. Nothing says incomplete like a set of spindly lashes. Having thickening mascara on hand to plump up those lashes will finish off a gorgeous, smokey eye.

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Full lashes frame your eyes, which everyone knows are the window to the soul and the key to a fully-formed makeup look. Choose a mascara that makes your lashes look thicker and nourishes them with natural ingredients like seed oils to moisturize and protect.

A Mineral Primer

A primer is a rock upon which all good makeup looks are built, but it gets the praise it deserves. A mineral primer with SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays will not only hold all of your makeup in place, but it will also keep your skin happy and healthy. SPF is, of course, essential, no matter the weather and no matter the time of day. Primer is crucial for a satin smooth skin finish and a long-lasting face of makeup: with this underrated product, it’s a win-win.

Often, you realize how much you rely on these underrated but beloved products when your mascara finally runs dry or you’re left with nothing but a tube of too-thin liquid eyeliner. Instead of resigning yourself vulnerable to incomplete or unsightly makeup, ensure you always have your favorite underrated makeup products on hand so you look flawless no matter where you are.

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