Benefit and Uses of an Electric Pressure Washer

Benefit and Uses of an Electric Pressure Washer

If you are an owner of the house, you don’t need to be introduced to the idea of the pressure washer. Or if you don’t have it, you must hear about it from your neighbors. Outdoor or household surfaces are caked with a layer pf grim and dirt. It requires hours upon hours of tedious hard work to remove these layers, and some of them are uncleanable. These dust layers can esiky2be removed by the advanced technology of pressure washer.

Electric pressure washing it is also known as power washing. It is the use of high-pressure water sprays to clean and remove dust, mud, loose paint, mold, dirt and chewing gums from objects and surfaces such as concrete surfaces, vehicles, buildings, and mirrors. The term power washing and pressure washing are used interchangeably. The volume of a washer is measured in liters or gallons per minute. And the pressure is measured in pounds per square inch or Pascal.  Power washer that delivers pressure range from 750 to 30,000 PSI.

Product description 

Pressure washer, a surface cleaner is a simple tool consisting of 3 to 4 high-pressure jets fixed on a rotating bar that rotates with bar. When water flows with high pressure, pressure jets swivel.  It creates a smooth and uniform cleaning pattern. This technique can clean the flat surfaces easily and at a rapid rate.

There are many types of pressure washer such as cold water pressure washer, hot water pressure washer, electric pressure washer, gas-powered pressure and much more. But the most commonly used power pressure is an electric pressure washer.

How does an electric pressure washer work?

An electric pressure washer uses an electric motor that delivers power to a pump.  This pump will provide force to water. Water with a High pressure passing through a concentrating nozzle.  This procedure will quickly remove dust and grim on surfaces such as patios, driveways, and deck. You can easily and quickly clean outdoor chairs and other items in no time. Without a pressure washer, you need a tub with soapy water with a scrub brush and a lot of hard work.

Electric pressure washer:

Among all types, the most commonly used power pressure is electric power pressure. This washer uses the supply of electricity to rotate pressure jets.

The different electric pressure washer—powers offer to you 


  • Light duty 
  • Affordable and light 
  • Great for small jobs 
  • Pressure up to 1700 PSI
  • Limited power supply,  so limit cleaning jobs
  • Medium duty
  • Pressure range from 1700 psi—2800 psi 
  • Popular for residential pressure washing
  • Budget-friendly as you can pick it for less than 150 dollars and great for work.
  • Great for patio furniture,  front stairs, back deck, vehicle, drive away, etc


  • Heavy duty 
  • Power supply greater than 2800 PSI
  • Price shoots up like a rocket when it comes to electric thing 
  • If you have a heavy-duty pressure washer, you don’t need to replace it lifetime
  • A significant advantage of having heavy-duty power pressure is that you don’t need to refill the fuel repeatedly. Once filled, it will work for the whole day. 


Benefits and uses of electric pressure washer 

A range of electric pressure washer for the low capacity to the high capacity pressure washer is available. A low capacity pressure washer works at 25 time’s greater pressure than a typical garden hose. This low capacity pressure washer is used to clean furniture, some fencing and patio covers.  A medium pressure washer is run at up to 100 time’s greater pressure than ordinary garden hoes. And it is used to clean stubborn stains Concrete and grease. High capacity pressure washer provides adjustable settings for great jobs. The best electric pressure washer is a great tool that you must have to give your automobile a rapid cleaning.

  • An electric pressure washer is significantly quieter.
  • It is less portable than a gas pressure washer
  • The range of electric pressure washers is available.  Ranging from low capacity to high capacity pressure washer.

Cost and features of electric pressure washer 

Prices vary significantly according to the types of different pressure washers. You may get a pressure washer for less than a hundred dollars. Or if you want a high capacity pressure washer, the average price is around a thousand dollars.  Of course, the price range is up-to many thousands of dollars. Price determines quality. But the investment of thousands of dollars is not worthwhile, high capacity pressure washers are mostly used for industrial purposes. Get the pressure washer according to your needs even though it is cheaper. 

How to use it:

  • Firstly read the manufacturer’s manual
  • Wear footwear (no flip flop), long pants and goggles.
  • The wet surface needs more care, which can quickly get slippery.
  • Start with the widest angel 
  • Start by nozzle At least 2 feet away from the surface and then slowly move closer 
  • Before changing replaceable tips, turn off the engine.
  • Don’t get closer to whatever you are washing.  Keep at least 6 inches away from yourself from the cleaning area 
  • Don’t point nozzle to other people or yourself 
  • Don’t use an extension wire 

Best electric pressure washer — a guide for you 

When you go for an electric pressure washer. Three things you need to decide 

  • First of all your budget 
  • Cleaning power you need 
  • The brand you want 

Here are some guidelines that will help you to go through these decisions. 

Features to look for in electric pressure washer 

  • How much does it weigh?

Weight range between 15 to 35 units. If you want to buy a large 35 pounds pressure washer, then go with a wheel option for maneuverability.

  • Does it come with extra nozzles?

Colour codes are for different nozzle tips such as red nozzle is for zero degrees blast. Light blue is for 65-degree soaping purposes. Blue is for 40 degrees spraying target while dark blue is 15-degree stripping. Go according to your needs.

  • A brass coupling to garden hose:

The most common complaint is the plastic coupling to the garden hose will always break and leaks. Make sure that brass coupling is flexible and robust.

  • Does it have a detergent system?

A pretty cool detergent system will allow you to use detergents to clean your drive away effectively. A downstream detergent system is a better option.

  • Plastic or stainless steel wand:

Stainless steel is preferable and a more durable one.

  • What should be the electric cord length?

30-foot electrical code and 20-foot hoses are the best choices.  More than that is a good option but not less than that. Choose according to the area for which you have to buy a washer.

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  • Wheels: 

A pressure washer weight 35 pounds should be with wheels.  Pressure washers with 20 pounds with the wheeled option are better choice be mindful.

  • Does it have a hose reel?

It is a personal choice thing.  Some find it challenging to work with it quickly as it kinks the hose.  However, it is up to you. Half have them, and half don’t.

  • What PSI / GPM you need? 

The only Price can limit you when it comes to buying an electric thing.  You can spend 2000 dollars to have a pressure washer with high capacity and power.  But light power pressure washer can cost only 150 dollars or even less than that.

The best most trusted brands 

AR Blue clean 

The well known Italian pump company creates it. A well knows pressure cleaner. AR stands for Annovi Reverberi. They provide light and medium-duty electric units at a defined budget. They are very famous as they are the most reliable and durable because pumps are well designed and well built. Also, they match affordability.  


It is one of the longest and durable pressure washer company for a reason. They improve their quality continually. They offer both electric and gas options. Electric units range from light-duty up-to 5500 PSI and 5.5 GPM. They provide super class units.  

Sun joe

It is a part of another company that came into existence. This company offers a pressure washer in the garden and lawn sector.

Electric pressure washer 


  • Great for outdoor furniture,  decks, and patios.
  • Models are quiet,  no exhaust emission and require little up keeping 
  • Super easy On and off control
  • The small size makes it easy to store
  • Models at a defined budget
  • Range from low capacity power to high capacity power 


  • Your cleaning area is restricted according to the size of the washer’s cord.
  • Lower pressure makes a longer cleaning time.  


The demand for electric pressure washer has become bigger day by day. Also, varieties follow a similar trend. These machines will super easily remove a caked layer of dust dirt grease from all types of surfaces. Without a handy pressure washer, it becomes difficult to remove stains easily as now we can. These pressure washers use strong pressure to remove resistant stains quickly. If you are searching for a Best pressure washer. Read all the features and benefits of different types as mentioned above and buy which is best for you under your defined budget. Good luck with your research.

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