Benefits of industrial high bay LED light fixtures

The high bay is a type of lighting fixture that can be found in a factory, an industry, a gymnasium, or any big open area with considerably high ceilings. The demand for industrial high bay LED light fixtures is increasing in places with higher ceilings.

In this post, I will tell you some top-tier benefits of using high bay led light fixtures. Read till the end!

The most common LED high bay lights

Round LED high bay PL

The LED Round High Bay PL is a one-for-one replacement for conventional lights in high ceiling situations, and it can save up to 80% more energy than HID fixtures.

Hazardous location LED high bay

These LED light fixtures for high ceilings reduce fire or explosion threats in industrial situations, which require a higher level of safety. These lights can be hung or yoke installed.

LED high bay SL

The High Bay SL is a simple, performance-driven LED light that has all of the necessary features without breaking the bank. It produces 130 lumens per watt and has brightness ranges ranging from 13,000 to 26,000 lumens.

LED linear high bay

The Linear High Bay may be well separated to provide vital light and productivity for the warehouse area. This energy-efficient lighting has a pluggable sensor for occupancy detection and daylight capturing.

Top benefits of industrial LED high bay lightning

Energy savings

The fundamental reason for considering LED lighting for your business or institution is to save energy. LED high bay fixture wattages typically vary from 95 to 495 watts. When compared to a standard HID high bay light, this wattage ranges from 175 to 1000 watts.

As a result, by converting to LED lights, you instantly reduce your energy usage by 40-60%. To put it another way, switching to LED lighting would save you $300 per fixture per year in power expenditures. Depending on the scale of your plant, this might have a significant impact on the operational balance sheet.

Lightning performance

Lighting performance is an important consideration when deciding whether to switch to a different type of lighting. High bay LEDs outperform their HID counterparts in terms of performance by a wide margin.

LEDs have a multi-point design, which means they uniformly diffuse light on the target surface. As a result, the variation in light levels across a given surface will be smaller across fixture mounting sites.

 In addition to equal light dispersion, they are available in a variety of CCTs (correlated colour temperatures), providing a variety of possibilities for increasing the optical experience of “brightness.”

These lights, on the other hand, create a “bright spot” directly under the lamp, with light levels falling dramatically as the distance between fixtures rises.

Boost Productivity

Industrial high bay LED lighting can increase assembly accuracy while also possibly speeding up production procedures. This is due to the clever lensing mechanism used in LED lighting, which ensures that the light is focused exactly where it needs to be and not wasted pointing towards the roof or distributing too unevenly across your surfaces.

 A switch to LED lighting may enhance general sight and alertness, as well as eliminate shadows and improve colour recognition throughout the assembly process, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.

Electric utility rebates

Many electric providers and states promote energy-efficient solutions and provide discounts to businesses and households that switch to LED lighting.

Maintenance cost reduction

Converting to LEDs will also result in a significant decrease in the maintenance of your high bay light fixtures. This is because of the way LEDs create light and develop through their useful life. Rather than stopping to operate when a fuel supply is drastically decreased, LED-generated light output declines extremely slowly over time. 

As a result, the useful life of an LED product can be substantially greater than that of an HID Lamp, lowering the maintenance burden immensely.

For example, by switching traditional 400w HID high bay lighting to LED, a typical structure with industrial light fixtures may save up to $5,341 in maintenance expenses alone for three years.

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Modern technology

LED lighting is smart! They often include technology elements that adapt to how the room is used, increasing the amount of energy saved.

Occupancy sensors activate the lights only when they are required. In the vastness of a huge warehouse, this may be a significant benefit. Because LEDs lack the warmup and re-strike intervals of fluorescents, the lights turn on quickly and turn off after a predetermined amount of inactivity in the room.

Think pallet workers as well. You don’t want them getting off the machine to turn on and off lights or driving into places that aren’t yet illuminated. Unlike motion sensors, occupancy sensors can discriminate between repeated motion, such as from equipment or a fan, and humans.

Quick ROI

All of the advantages of LED lighting are considerable, but for businesses, it frequently boils down to the bottom line. The ROI, or return on investment, is critical in every business choice, including lighting.

 LED high bay lights provide a rapid ROI for businesses due to their energy efficiency. Depending on utilisation, a 2,500 square metre warehouse should have a six-month ROI.

Highly durable

An industrial place has a harsh environment in which heavy machinery is routinely employed. LEDs, unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, are tough enough to withstand the rigours of a busy workplace. Because they are far more difficult to shatter or break, there is less likely that an accident will render an LED fixture dysfunctional.

Nonetheless, the majority of High bay LEDs come with a 5 to 10-year guarantee. A longer-lasting product ensures more time between light changes, improved efficiency, and greater savings.

To summarise, there are three key reasons to consider building a high bay LED retrofit at your workplace. Switching will result in immediate energy savings, reduced lighting maintenance frequency, and an improvement in overall lighting performance. At you can have a variety of these. Check out and buy one right now and get the benefits.

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