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The betting section at Bet365 is the main one. Every visitor can start after installing the app. First of all, you should visit the “Spots” section, where a wide range of sports destinations will be offered. Pay attention to the disciplines that you are familiar with, because in this case the probability of your success will be higher. You need to understand the game to guess the results of the match. Next, we will conduct a more detailed review of the sports section; tell you what sports are popular today, how to watch broadcasts and where the results of the games are displayed. This time, we analyze golf; this game is in great demand at Bet365, as a lot is decided on the playing field there. Not everything depends on the players; luck often becomes the deciding factor. There are many bets used in golf: simple and complex. It all depends on the player’s knowledge and understanding of the situation. Do not rush to bet a lot at once; try to start with the minimum amounts. There are a lot of settings in the sports section, and you should figure them out before you start playing. If you can’t find the match you are interested in, use a quick search. Do not worry, if the game has already started, you can place a bet after the start of the match.

Popular Sports at Bet365

Betting on sports or computer games is allowed on the site. Football is the most popular classic. Most often, visitors bet on events of great importance, which can include the World Cup, the European Cup, and so on. The specialist notes that it is not always profitable to bet on the most popular disciplines. In some cases, it is better to give preference to rare sports at Bet365, such as cricket, golf, horse polo, badminton, and so on. Pay attention to the value of the coefficients, as your bet will be multiplied by this indicator if you win. For example, if you bet 1 thousand INR on an event with a coefficient of 2, then you will receive 2 thousand INR if your team wins. Follow the popular leagues to make your game at Bet365 more interesting. Prepare for the match, read the related information about the players and coaches. The history of previous matches is also important. Remember that the coefficient changes during the game, depending on the course of the game. You cannot adjust the bet you have made, but you can make a new one. Let’s list the most relevant sports at the Bet365 portal below:

  • football;
  • basketball;
  • tennis;
  • hockey;
  • horse racing;
  • golf.

Golf Betting

To make your first golf bet at the Bet365 website, try going to the Sports section and then type “golf” in the search or select a discipline from the full list. First of all, you will see information about the upcoming matches. You can see various options for simple bets in the table. You can bet on one of the players, winning or losing. Total and handicap bets are also possible; they are relevant in this case since the spread of points in golf can be large. Recall that you need to drive the ball into the pocket, using the minimum number of strokes. Few people know that golf can be played collectively.


You can place a complex bet at the Bet365 portal, you need to use a special calculator for this. Practice shows that it is better to choose several small coefficients; it is safer and more likely to lead to success. When receiving a bonus from a bookmaker, pay attention to its purpose. Remember that the bonus must be wagered, while there is a limit on the size of the coefficient and the number of multipliers in the express. Look for the golf section at Bet365, focusing on the specific image of the ball.

Live Horse Racing Broadcasts at Bet365

Horse racing is perhaps the only discipline where you must be present at the race or at least watch the action in live mode. If you use the Bet365 app, go to the “My Bets” section and select the “Live” tab. You will see a list of available broadcasts with an indication of the start time. You can join any of the races that have started. Horse racing has its own special betting system, for a big win at Bet365 you need to guess the order of arrival of the horses. It is necessary to know the condition of the animal and take into account the motivation of the rider. Even the little things are important: the weather, the condition of the podium covering, the venue of the competition. Horses feel better in familiar locations.

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You can watch the race on a mobile device or on a computer using a large screen; to do this, you will need to launch the website on a PC and log in to your profile by entering your username and password.

How to View Game Results

All the results of your bets are saved in the History section of Bet365, where you can access through your profile. All your calculated and cancelled bets are there. If you want to see how a particular match ended, then you need to open the event table and scroll down. All data on past games is saved at Bet365 and can be viewed at any time.

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