Betting Strategies for Success at Breeders’ Cup 2023


It’s that time of the year again when horseracing fans can witness the final crown of North America’s Grand Slam of Thoroughbred racing. The Breeders’ Cup annually follows the iconic Triple Crown composed of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. This coming November 3-2, horseracing fans will come together to celebrate the last major stakes in horseracing this 2023.

Besides just going after the fun of the celebration, many fans look forward to this annual horseracing spectacle to predict which thoroughbreds will reign in the races. If you are one of those spectators, we will happily provide you with some betting strategies as you prepare!

Shop For The Finest Odds

Like any form of gambling, shopping for the best odds before locking in your bets is essential. A wise bettor should know which bookmaker he can get the best of his bets. That can only be done by comparing betting sites for breeders cup 2023 race odds.

While you can compare odds manually, you can cut the process short by visiting websites and portals that compare odds across all sports leagues. You can find many of these sites online, especially for races as big as the Breeders’ Cup. The strategy here is to create accounts with different betting sites so you can pick and lock in your bets once you have determined which offers the best odds.

Manage Your Budget

In an extensive sports betting event like the Breeders’ Cup, losing track of your betting budget could be easy. However, you must remember that you are betting not just to feel the thrill of the game. You should be thinking of earning returns when gambling for real money.

This is where bankroll management enters the picture. As a bettor, it’s essential to know your financial limits when it comes to gambling. You must spend a portion that you are comfortable losing. According to betting experts, dedicating around 1-3% of your bankroll for each bet is safe.

To avoid overspending on bets, you must separate your savings from the funds you use for gambling. This way, you will find it hard to withdraw funds from a different account to fund your betting activities.

Don’t Rely Too Much on Jockey’s Opinions

Most novice bettors who aren’t aware of what factors to research and consider depend mostly on the opinions of the “experts.” Many positive insights and comments will be heard here and there, especially in races as big as the Breeders’ Cup.

Besides betting pros, newbies also refer to jockeys and coaches as experts. However, many betting pros don’t recommend relying too much on coaches’ and jockeys’ opinions, especially on the horse their teams are working with.


The key to arriving at the best bet is doing all the homework on your own. That means researching the jockeys, trainers, horses’ racing history, family tree, and even the track conditions. This way, you won’t have to blame anyone for an opinion you aren’t required to believe from the beginning. Note that betting requires accountability, including sticking to your own opinions and insights on the race, regardless if it isn’t as big as the Breeders’ Cup.

See Also

Analyze Previous Races

Reviewing the previous races of the competing thoroughbreds can be tasking, especially for beginners. However, getting familiar with the process can help you build a solid research routine, thus allowing you to determine which horse will prevail in a race.

When reviewing previous races, don’t just focus on the final stages of the races. Make sure to review all the phases of the race. This way, you can observe the strengths and weaknesses of a horse within the field throughout a complete race. Remember that many winners have encountered struggles at the beginning or halfway through the finish line, so it’s important not to miss anything by watching the entire race duration.

Don’t Bet on Favorites

Many new bettors would blindly bet on the favorites. While favorites could possibly win, they are likely to win only three to four races out of ten. With this risk, bettors shouldn’t just get swayed by the bookmakers labeling a horse as the favorite of the Breeders’ Cup.


Bookmakers rely on some key information for their judgment on which horse will likely win. However, they could also be wrong, like any of us. The safest option is to do your own research and see if your judgment coincides with the bookmakers. If it’s the other way around, then it’s much easier and smarter to trust your own discernment.


A few weeks more before the big race. For sure, regular and newbie bettors are preparing to back the best horses to win the racing spectacle. Building a solid set of strategies is one way to win big in any betting endeavor. By following the tips and strategies we have covered in this guide, we hope you can confidently bet on the upcoming Breeders’ Cup.

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