Big Decisions To Make When Having A Baby

Big Decisions To Make When Having A Baby 100%

Having a baby is a big decision itself, but it’s the first of many big decisions. Many of these big decisions have to be made during pregnancy or the first year. Here are just a few of those big decisions, so that you can prepare yourself for them.

What name will we give them?

Naming a child is the first big decision – and often the first big debate amongst parents. Some people plan their child’s name for years only to have a partner dismiss it. Discuss this early in the pregnancy so that you have lots of time to consider names. You could even try using a baby name generator or looking at baby name lists. On top of this, you’ll need to decide who’s surname to adopt – traditionally it’s the man’s, but it doesn’t have to be.

Breastfeed or formula?

You’ll also need to decide whether to breastfeed or whether to use formula. There are strong arguments for and against both – breastfeeding is natural but uncomfortable, whilst formula is convenient but expensive. Some mothers will try out both when their child is born and then make a decision as to which suits them. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s your decision and not someone else’s. You’ll also eventually need to make the decision of weaning and switching to regular milk.

Should they be vaccinated?

This is another hugely controversial topic, but one that needs to be addressed within the first couple months of your baby’s life. Both vaccinating and not vaccinating can have health risks – you should do your own research to work out what is best for you.

Is co-sleeping allowed?

Will your baby be allowed to sleep in the bed with you, or are they to remain strictly in the cot? This is a decision that sometimes works itself out depending on what is more comfortable – some parents find it hard to sleep with a baby in the bed, whilst others find it’s the only way to get their baby to settle. Either way, you should make sure you and your partner come to a mutual agreement.  

Who will do the night feeds?

Feeding doesn’t just have to be the role of the mom – even if you’re breastfeeding, you can use a breast pump to store milk and share the duty. That said, some partners may be working and may feel they need the sleep. You need to find the fairest way of sharing this duty depending on your situation.

Do you need childcare?

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If both of you plan to work, childcare may be needed, unless you’re able to work shifts around one another. Childcare can be expensive (although you may be able to use a friend or family member) and you may want to look into this early.

Which foods are they allowed?

Once your child starts eating food, you’ll then need to decide which foods they can eat. Nuts, sugary snacks, and meat are some of the foods that can spark debate depending on your beliefs. In other cases, it could be a case of when to introduce these foods.



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