Busting Popular Myths About Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals have become the hottest topic of discussion among all the tourists and travelers who look forward to finding a budget-friendly place to stay on a vacation. Short-term rentals have brought the definition of the entire hotel and hospitality industry. Now you can look beyond the idea of booking a hotel room for your vacation to any new travel destination and choose a short-term rental instead. You may as well opt for a long-term rental if you are likely to stay at this place for a long time. 

Short-term rentals can be apartments, independent houses, villas, and other properties. You can select the best one after considering certain factors like your budget, number of people you are traveling with, preference, etc. 

The popularity of short-term rentals is increasing rapidly. Consequently, many myths around this topic are also making rounds. This article aims to bust all the myths and give you a fact-check about short-term rentals and why you must be booking them for your next vacation. 

Short-term rentals are commercial enterprises 

Short-term rentals are not commercial enterprises. On the contrary, you may term them as mom-and-pop style operations that pay the home’s mortgage and support families. As a homeowner, you can let out your property as a short-term rental to all the guests and visitors and earn some good profits while providing them the best experience of your hospitality. 

Short-term rentals are illegal hotels

It is a plain myth. Short-term rentals act as a vacation home where you can stay at a much pocket-friendly price compared to the hotels. These properties give you choice, flexibility, as well as privacy. Short-term rentals have become a perfect option of accommodation for people who travel in groups. 

Short-term rentals lack amenities

Short-term rentals do not lack amenities at all. In fact, these properties provide you with some extra facilities and amenities in some cases. You can make the most of the perks such as a bigger living space, more rooms, and bathrooms, dining area, lounge area, balcony, kitchen space, laundry space, etc. 

You can also enjoy some extra amenities apart from the above-listed ones. For instance, if you are traveling to Orange CA, and do not mind splurging your money on accommodation, you can book one of the best short term rentals in nashville, and enjoy some extravagant amenities such as a swimming pool, gym area, personal parking space, etc. 

Short-term rentals charge you the same as hotels 

When you compare the cost of a short-term rental with that of a hotel, you will realize that the former costs you much less than the latter. According to a report, you can save up to 15 percent of the weekly tariff while booking a short-term rental. 

This factor makes these properties best-suited for people who like to take long vacations or are looking for a place to stay during their long business trip. 

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Short-term rental platforms barely care who lists properties on their websites 

It is not true. Every platform that provides you the leads of the best short-term rentals identifies and addresses all the rental properties before listing them on their website. Thus, there is no scope that you will find a fake address or irresponsible short-term rental property. 

You can either explore these platforms yourself or can connect with a travel agent to book the best STR properties at the best rates. 

Short-term rentals aren’t safe

When it comes to safety and security, short-term rentals are a good option over others. Many of these properties are located in good locations or gated communities and are guarded by security guards. They are equipped with the safety essentials such as CCTV security cameras, fire extinguishers, etc. Thus, even if you are traveling alone, you can choose a short-term rental and stay comfortably. 


We have busted all the common myths about short-term rentals. We hope you choose the best STR property for your next vacation and enjoy a comfortable stay. Hunt now. 

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