Can CBD and CBN Tinctures Be Taken Together for Better Sleep?

Sleeping is as essential to the human body as other functions like eating, drinking, breathing, etc. It helps in faster recovery from both mental and physical exertion. Sleep and health are close allies and are closely related. It is because deprivation of one will affect the other. Around 10% to 30% of adults have chronic Insomnia globally. It is the case that somewhere 40% of people who have Insomnia face mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, etc. 

Moreover, due to lack of sleep, the U.S. loses an equivalent of around 1.2 million working days. And insufficient sleep is the reason for this economic loss. For instance, the U.S. suffers $411 billion a year due to lack of sleep. 

Much has been said and discussed the exciting ingredient CBD and its magnificent qualities to deal with sleep-related issues. However, the article will help you explore how CBD + CBN sleep tinctures can prove vital in dealing with sleep-related problems. It will help you experience a soothing and relaxing sleeping experience. 

CBD- The Nature’s Magic

The cannabis plant is a reservoir of cannabinoids that causes various effects on the body like emotional, physical, mental, etc. CBD is the second most active element of the cannabis plant. The common notion with the cannabis plant is that high feeling. However, it is interesting to see that even after being one of the most active ingredients of the cannabis plant, consumption of CBD will not make you feel ‘high’ and still offer a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

The reason for the high sensation is due to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is the most psychoactive element of the cannabis plant and is responsible for causing and giving this ‘high’ sensation, and since CBD lacks these psychoactive elements, it won’t make you feel high. 

CBD has immense popularity over time which is evident by its market valuation. For instance, it will be USD 2.8 Billion in 2020. And, the market has seen vast diversification as CBD is available in numerous forms: tincture, gummies, oil, vape juice, etc., thus giving the consumers a variety of options to choose the best product at their convenience.

CBN – What does it entail?

CBN is one of the mild components in this pool of elements that the cannabis plant entails. Interestingly, it was treated as a by-product earlier. However, various studies have highlighted its varied medicinal and therapeutic effects like CBD. For instance, it helps improve immune system response, pain alleviation, seizure disorder, etc., and thus is a reservoir of various medicinal benefits like its effective counterpart CBD.

CBN is the transformation product of THCA finding its place in aged cannabis. It is like a non-intoxicating compound. However, the potency of CBN is 1/4th of that of THC.

The Difference – CBD v. CBN

CBD is an entirely natural substance that exists in the cannabis plant. Whereas CBN is the result of the in-depth process, i.e., it is an outcome of oxidation or degradation of THC, basically meaning it happens on the aging of THC. The level of CBN would depend on the light and heat the cannabis plant is subjected to during processing. Manufacturers can breed CBD plants to have a higher amount of CBD. Nothing can influence CBN concentration as it primarily is created by breaking down THC.

The Research-Based Logic

Sleep is one of the most vital functions and requirements of the human body. While there may be various reasons which might disrupt your normal sleeping cycle, CBD is one such product that can significantly help you alleviate your sleeping problems. 

The primary reason why CBD is best in dealing with sleep-related issues is its cordial relation with the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in the human body. It helps regulate the pain, sleep, and immune system response. Again, CBD reacts with the primary receptors of the endocannabinoid system. i.e., CB1 and CB2. CBD ensures adequate production of the cannabinoids in the system because disruption in cannabinoids can lead to anxiety, stress, sleep-related issues, etc.

Research suggests that CBD dosage helps increase sleep duration in individuals. A report in 2019 also highlighted that around 66.7% of participants reported better sleep on the consumption of 2 mg CBD capsules every day.

See Also

A 2014 study also discusses how CBD could be effective in promoting wakefulness. Cortisol is a hormone responsible for promoting wakefulness and is generally at high levels in the morning. However, individuals facing sleep-related issues might have high cortisol levels. And thus, helps in disrupting their sleep. Studies have found that CBD helps in reducing the cortisol level, maybe by functioning as a sedative, and thus helps you experience a better and relaxing sleeping experience.

CBD also helps in alleviating issues that might lead to disruption in sleep. For instance, pain can be one of the reasons which might disrupt your sleep. However, CBD is the best in alleviating pain and thus offers a relaxing sleeping experience.

CBD + CBN – An Effective and Efficient Combination 

CBD + CBN sleep tinctures can help you overcome sleep-related issues in a much efficient and effective manner. CBN is a powerful sedative by nature and ensures a prolonged sleeping time. And CBD reacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain. The sedative effects cause a gradual meditative impact. Thus, it helps in improving the sleeping experience. Moreover, CBN also possesses varied medicinal qualities like CBD, i.e., dealing with anxiety, stress, pain, sleep, etc.

Thus, the combination will have the best of both worlds. Apart from the varied medicinal qualities, CBD possesses. CBN would offer similar benefits helping you get the best sleeping experience. Thus, CBD would provide a calm and soothing sleeping experience. In addition to this, CBN would help you experience the ‘entourage effect.’ Therefore, both ultimately offer a much-relaxed sleeping experience.


CBD is a popular member of the cannabis plant. And various CBD news trends show that CBN is slowly making its way owing to the varied benefits. Moreover, CBD+CBN sleep tinctures can prove to be a revolutionary product that can solve the sleep crisis all over the globe and help individuals experience a better and soothing, relaxing sleeping experience.

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