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If you are considering a career in public service, there are certain steps you need to follow to attain your goal. Not all jobs require college degrees but many of them do require some college hours and then additional training.  Keep the various qualifications in mind as you work towards deciding which path to follow.


Firefighters do much more than rush into burning buildings and save kittens from trees. They also provide emergency care, maintain equipment and aid other law enforcement agencies in investigations. If you are wondering, how do I become a firefighter in Texas or another state, the first thing to do is get your high school diploma and driver license. If you’re not yet 18, start getting in shape. After you pass a physical fitness test and a basic comprehension test, you can apply to a firefighting academy where you will train for about 12 weeks. Although it’s not necessary for the job, to move up through the ranks, it’s best to get a college degree. Some cities require that you also have EMT training.


Becoming a paramedic, the highest level of EMT, requires over 1000 hours of training. Many community colleges have specific EMT and paramedic training programs. Some paramedics start at EMTs for a few years and then take the additional training. After training, there is a rigorous state licensing exam. The training is intense, but paramedics can perform more advanced life-saving techniques such as administering IVs and clearing blocked airways on patients. They are also better placed for advancement than their EMT counterparts.

Police Officer

If you’re interested in becoming a police officer, plan on going to college for at least two years. Although requirements differ by city, having a college degree is necessary to advance within the department. To be considered for a local department, candidates must pass a polygraph test, drug test, and background investigation. It is imperative that you tell the complete truth on your application because of the investigating officers will follow-up with all references. After passing the background check, you will be conditionally hired while you attend the police academy.

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Choosing a career that possibly puts you in danger every day is not easy. However, much of the time as a firefighter, paramedic, or police officer, you are putting your skills and training towards helping others and saving lives. All three careers can be very rewarding for the right job-seeker.


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