Choosing The Right Company For The Replacement Of Burlington Windows And Doors


Installing new Burlington windows and doors is a significant investment. Finding an experienced, reputable company is vital to getting the job done right. With so many contractors, how do you identify the best window installation pros for your project?

Replacing worn-out windows requires precision workmanship for proper fit, flashing, sealing, insulation, and integration with weather barriers like house wraps. Know what to look for when choosing your window installation contractor. Let’s examine factors to consider when selecting services for Burlington windows and doors replacement.

1. Strong Online Feedbacks

Check independent review sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp to gauge customer satisfaction rates for window contractors. Look for a consistent pattern of vital positive feedback on service quality, professionalism, pricing transparency, and workmanship.

Avoid companies with frequent complaints about shoddy construction, hidden fees, broken promises, lack of follow-up service, billing disputes, and failure to stand behind warranties. While no contractor is perfect, the best have predominantly satisfied customers.

2. Experience And Accreditation

Look for well-established Burlington window replacement firms with years of experience serving local homeowners. Extended service indicates a stable contracting business that performs satisfactory work. New fly-by-night contractors are riskier.

Trusted firms have all required licensing, insurance coverage, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) compliance, and staff certification. Better Business Bureau (BBB) membership also indicates ethical business practices.

3. Staff Training And Certification

Well-trained installation teams are essential for properly replacing Burlington windows and doors. Ask about staff credentials like Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) certification for supervisors. Manufacturer-certified installers ensure work meets warranty compliance standards, too.


Ongoing professional development programs indicate a window company committed to workmanship excellence through continuous skills enhancement. Look for focused training on air barrier systems and flashing.

4. Quality Materials And Brands

The best contractors source windows and hardware from reputable brands known for durability, efficiency, and performance testing. ENERGY STAR certification helps identify quality energy-saving window products. Request information on the makes and models used.

Beware window sellers pushing obscure or proprietary brands with limited performance data. Top window company Burlington is brand-agnostic and will guide you to the optimal window solution for your home and budget.

5. Comprehensive Project Approach

A holistic approach considers the entire building envelope rather than swapping new windows. Savvy firms evaluate insulation levels, structural soundness, exterior finishes, drainage, and overhangs to identify issues impacting window installation and performance.

Ideally, window replacement is part of a comprehensive exterior upgrade, including new siding, weather barriers, caulking, insulation, eavestroughs, and roofing as needed. A seamless integration of all elements ensures ideal performance. Piecemeal contractors need to take advantage of these optimization opportunities.

6. Attention To Detail

Reputable window installers pay meticulous attention to critical installation details like properly shimming and plumbing frames, sealing the weather barrier interface, and neatly trimming and flashing for water management. They thoroughly clean the work area afterward, too.

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Rushed, sloppy contractors leave windows out of square, misaligned, and poorly integrated, with gaps and flashing issues that allow air and water infiltration. Lack of attention to detail leads to drafts, leaks, and callbacks for repairs down the road.

7. Effective Project Management

Your window replacement relies on expert project management and communication from the initial quote to the final inspection. Ensure the firm has streamlined processes for scheduling qualified crews and keeping customers continuously updated on timelines and next steps.


Disorganized contractors result in irritating delays and uncertainty. The best window companies use customer-friendly project tracking systems to coordinate multiple job sites efficiently. They focus on timely completion and keep you in the loop.

8. Warranties And Guarantees

Reputable window installers stand behind their workmanship with a minimum 2-year labor warranty. They should also provide manufacturer product warranties of 10 years or longer on windows/materials with clear written coverage terms.

9. Safety Record

Safety is paramount for workers and homeowners when contractors work on your home. Ask firms about their safety philosophies, training programs, protocols, and track records. Those prioritizing safety typically have exemplary regulatory records and lower insurance premiums.

Site cleanliness, caution with hazardous materials, careful scaffolding, and strict safety gear requirements indicate a Window company culture that values health and avoids unnecessary risk. Don’t compromise safety.

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