Cooling Your RV Down For Your Summer Vacation


Summer is the best time for fun-filled activities but it is also the season with the most sweltering temperatures. Sleeveless shirts and damp foreheads are common symptoms of the summer heat. With temperatures steadily rising, even those who enjoy hot weather are looking for ways to keep cool. 

Whilst summertime comes with an easiness and laid-back essence that’s ideal for a road trip, the stickiness and sweat can make it unbearable at times. Anyone who owns an RV would know how difficult it is to manage the heat that comes with summer.

Though most RV owners use air conditioners to bring the extreme heat down, it also consumes an ungodly amount of energy. If you’re looking for alternative ways to cool down without being so energy-consuming, you’ve come to the right place. Beat the heat in your best texas rv!

RV Awning And Shade Rooms

Most RVs come fitted with awnings that are designed to widen the living space and provide shade to their users. Although you can find the majority of RV owners using this already, not many go to the trouble of setting up a lounge-worthy area underneath the awning. The effort made is sure to pay off once you find yourself taking daytime naps in the cool shade! Not only  will it be can you save yourself from the humid interiors of your RV and cool off, but you will also be allowing more ventilation in your RV, bringing it down to cooler temperatures.

If you are willing to take it a step further, you can create a shaded room by attaching some awning accessories to the RV. By doing this, you will be creating an entire new space that can accommodate more people.

Block Out Sunlight

One of the ways that RV heats are through the light that breaks in through the windows. To solve this issue at its core, you can simply figure out alternatives to reduce the amount of light that gets in. This can be easily done by installing window awnings or shades to cover the windows.

Window awnings work by blocking out the sunlight while still giving you a picturesque view of your surroundings. If you want complete coverage, window shades might work the best as some are made of material that can eradicate the light that threatens to spill in through the windows.

If you are looking for a more financially friendly alternative, you can opt for this DIY option –– applying reflective insulation. This helps by reflecting sunrays away from you rwindow, thus minimizing heat transfer and keeping you cool. 

Park Your RV In A Shaded Area

The best way to escape from the heat is to hide from the sun. With trees and buildings all around the state, there’s sure to be some shaded areas where the sun does not reach. Though, most RV owners will probably have the same idea. So, if you are planning to head to a campground, it might be wise to try and book an area that is shaded. Otherwise, you might have to wait indefinitely until you find a suitable spot. 

While it sounds like a simple and no-brainer solution, it makes all the difference. With a shaded area, you no longer need to consider making any adjustments to your RV. It is the solution with the least effort.

Keep Cool With Water

During the summertime, it’s important to keep hydrated. You’ll be sweating more, which  means that you’re losing essential electrolytes and moisture way faster. Whilst common medical advice is to drink at least eight-ounce glasses of water daily, factors such as weight, weather, age, gender, and lifestyle can affect how much water you need. 

Mild dehydration can lead to dizziness and headaches, whilst severe dehydration can cause serious health problems such as heat stroke. Since you’re mostly on the road, you need to be extra proactive to ensure that you have enough water. 

Some common tips include: spending as much time in the shade, bringing plenty of water or isotonic drinks, avoid over-exerting yourself during the hottest times of the day, and being extra generous when preparing your water stash for the trip. 

Avoid Cooking During The Hottest Part Of The Day

You don’t want to make your RV more uncomfortable by heating it up when it’s already burning hot! Cooking during the day will see a noticeable increase in its internal temperature. Instead, we recommend planning ahead and choosing meals that can be eaten cold –– such as fruit platters, cold sandwiches, green salads, cold pasta, and delicious bruschettas. If you need something hot, try opting for something that is easily microwavable. 

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Otherwise, we recommend opting for a portable grill that allows you to cook food outside in the shade. For this, you can prepare tortillas by using hot dogs, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and salsa. 

Fight Nature With Nature

If you’ve already exhausted most options to keep cool, seek natural elements to cool down. This means to say, use nature against itself. Find places with large water bodies, such as rivers and lakes, to stop at for a while. Not only will it be a day filled with adventures and pool parties, but it is also another inexpensive method to keep cool.

Kayaking, swimming, boating, river floating, and tubing are some fun activities to do at your disposal. Certain RV parks even offer swimming and boating amenities, which saves you the hassle. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? 

When All Else Fails, Leave

If all the above options are barely helping your case, the easiest solution is to run (or drive) away from your problems. One of the best things as an RV owner is the ease of changing locations on your whim. If you have enough time and sufficient resources to change your destination to someplace cooler, why not do so? 

Cooler areas in the Pacific Northwest include Oregon, Bay Area, or Lincoln City. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to hike in the cool mountains after visiting the beach? You’ll be experiencing the perfect contrast of sceneries that you’ll never forget.

Otherwise, if you don’t plan on travelling far, you can always seek shelter in a hotel or cabin for a few days. Lounging about in the cool can significantly rejuvenate you for your trip.


Travelling in an RV is bound to create some unforgettable memories and exciting experiences, but the heat can cause extreme discomfort. With this guide, we hope that you now know how to keep your RV cool without wasting too much energy. 

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