Dad Decisions – 5 Tips For Planning the Ultimate Birthday Celebration For the Father in Your Life

Dad Decisions - 5 Tips For Planning the Ultimate Birthday Celebration For the Father in Your Life

Mums are easy to spoil.

Fresh flowers, breakfast in bed or a pedicure will have any mum feeling spoilt and loved.  It’s those darn Dads that are tougher to really plan special moments or gifts for.  Whether it is throwing a party for my own father, or the father of my children, I am always at a bit of a loss on what to do for a guy that is simple and not up for the frills and fancy fare of a typical party.

In my quest to throw the ultimate party for the special men in my life, I have collected some pearls of wisdom.  Read on for tips on how to plan the ultimate birthday celebration for the father(s) in your life.

Dad Decisions

1) Creative Gift Giving

Dad always receives the boring gifts like socks, underwear or a new button-down shirt.  This year, get creative with your men’s gift ideas.   Something personalized or unique will show your Father you really put some thought and effort into the gift. If your dad has a particular hobby then gift giving can get very easy. If they are a fan of fishing, then a new piece of Total Fishing Tackle equipment would do the trick.

2) Themed Party

You may love a party with fancy appetizers and champagne cocktails, but remember the party isn’t for you!  Think of a theme that is really meant for your Dad.  One of my favorites is the “Thrill and Grill”.

Decorate the party with items from your Dad’s favorite sport or sports team.

Get a projector outside and either plan the party around a big game or have a highlights reel playing.  Have the grill going all day with delicious man food like ribs, chicken wings and steak.

3) Day Off

Everyone knows a mum deserves and loves having a day off from domestic duties.  This goes for the Dad, too!  Encourage your Dad to take the day off work and all house chores on his special day.  Send him out for a long round of golf, out fishing, or to the pub to binge on sports watching.  Whatever really makes him feel like he is relaxing and totally off duty from chores and tasks!

4) Office Surprise

One year, I delivered flowers, chocolate, and a beautiful lunch to my husband at work for his birthday.  It was his first birthday as a Father, and he was working so hard then coming home and being father/husband extraordinaire.  I wanted him to feel really, really loved and appreciated.  It worked!  Flowers and chocolate at work are usually reserved for women, but men love it too!

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5) New Experiences

You are never too old for a new experience.  If your Father is a thrill seeker, or used to be and has now settled into the lull of a middle-aged routine, then schedule something wild.  A skydive, bungee jumping, race cars, or something else that will get the adrenaline pumping will be sure to invigorate your Dad and make his birthday unforgettable!

6) Handmade Gifts

If you are stumped on what gift to buy, a homemade gift or card will always be a winner.  Pull out the watercolor paints and let your kids go wild in making a big card to say I Love You Dad!  This can pair perfectly with a unique gift or an office delivery of flowers!

Fathers play such an important role in our lives.

When their special day rolls around,  it feels really great to plan a special party to celebrate Dad.  Planning and preparation combined with ways to personalize the party will ensure your dear ole Dad is thrilled with the birthday celebration.  From unique gifts to themed parties, to encouraging serious relax time, a birthday is a perfect reason to spoil your Dad.


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