Digital Parenting: Tips For Raising Tech-Savvy Children


It’s easy to overlook the actual value of physical activity. It has a positive impact on our lives. This is an era where everything is at our fingertips. It includes entertainment, like live casino, and ordering groceries. Tablets and smartphones are almost extensions of our bodies. Childhood has been reinvented in the 21st century. Technology now serves as the digital umbilical cord. It connects our toddlers and teens to a vast digital world. This rapid embrace of digital platforms has left many parents scrambling to keep up.

Dr. Prakash Chandra Shetty is from Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai. He says sitting all day in front of screens makes us move less. This leads to weight gain and high blood pressure. He reminds us to balance screen time with physical activity.

We can also learn a lot from technology. But there are worries about kids. They may only pay attention or get along with others. They may spend too much time with tech. Sandeep Kumar from Baatu Tech points out that a study shows over half of kids under 8 have tablets. This makes it essential to think about these issues.

With careful and positive guidance, parents can equip kids to thrive. They’ll do so in a hyper-connected world. Here are a few parenting tips for the digital age, shared by Mr Sandeep!

Model, Don’t Dictate Tech Habits

Audit your technology hygiene as an adult before burdening kids with rigid device rules. Are we distracted by pings or need a phone on the table to have a family dinner? If yes, then we may be setting the wrong example. Children model behavior more than instructions.

Set Family Tech Rules

Make collective rules around usage times, online conduct, and balance. Protect personal time by designating tech-free family rituals like shared meals and outings. Creating lists of websites and platforms that can and cannot be logged on to is also helpful. Such devices send alerts when someone accesses a ‘prohibited page.’ They can be valuable allies in this regard.

It’s also important to empower kids. This means explaining the reasons for limits and letting them give input on rules.

Enhance Online Smarts

Like we learn to be safe on the road, it’s essential to be safe online. We should discuss how to spot fake news, keep personal info private, and avoid strangers. We should also discuss how to deal with online bullying and fact-check online.


We should also cover how to use strong passwords. I also want to learn how Wi-Fi and computer viruses work. It’s like becoming a detective for the internet to keep things fun and safe!

Boost Creativity and Activity with Tech

Seek out educational apps in science, math, geography, and more for enriching reinforcement. Cool apps that let you mix music or change pictures make your screen like a big, fun canvas. They’re great for kids who love to create and solve puzzles—like mini artists!

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Encourage kids to research passion projects. Or, they can learn new skills via online tutorials. This stops mindless consumption. Let them present PowerPoints or short films they made to the extended family.

Manage Screen Time and Check for Tiredness

Apps can be fun and teach us lots of things. But, experts study how kids grow and learn. They say that playing and talking with others is super important. It helps kids’ brains develop in ways that apps can’t. Thus, it is the onus of parents to ensure that device usage does not cut off now.

The possibilities for both profound risks and rewards are only a click away. But parents already hold the secret. They do so by teaching kids emotional smarts and wisdom first. They can use tech to meet their needs, not vice versa.

Final Thoughts

In our fast-moving digital world, being a parent comes with new challenges. But remember, it’s all about balance. Experts like Dr. Prakash Chandra Shetty and Mr. Sandeep Kumar show us something. They show us that we can make technology a good part of our kids’ lives. We can do this without letting it take over. Here’s the key: lead by example. Set family tech rules. Teach your kids to stay safe online.


Please encourage them to use tech for learning and creativity. Remember, nothing is better than real play and face-to-face chats. They help kids grow up happy and healthy. Let’s use technology to help our kids learn and explore. We must also ensure they get plenty of time away from screens. This way, we can help our kids get the best of both worlds – the digital and the real.

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