Drive Safe – Hitting the Roads during Busy Holiday Periods

Safe driving

During the Chinese New Year celebrations, citizens make an estimated additional 3 billion trips to be with family and friends. This migration has been called the largest annual human migration on the planet, involving millions of Chinese nationals and tourists. In other countries, the various holiday seasons do not garner quite as many additional trips, but we all know how busy the roads can get when everyone tries to move from A to B at once. Not only do the crowded roads mean an increase in travel time, but if we are not careful, they can also result in car accidents (see this company if you have been affected). Staying on the roads during a holiday season isn’t like staying safe on a normal day – traffic tends to be denser and people are even more impatient. Let’s take a look at how you can stay safe on the roads the next time you are faced with driving during holiday season. 

Use a GPS – not because you don’t know your way…

GPS systems are set up to provide you with the most sensible route in terms of travel time. Simply checking an app to see if traffic is particularly bad before you leave could mean that you are not in receipt of all the information you need after five or ten minutes of travel. Due to the congested roads, any breakdown, crash, or additional build-up of traffic can mean that blockages pop up out of nowhere, increasing your travel time by untold hours. The GPS system will alert you to these obstacles and provide you with an alternative route mid-journey.

Leave extra time on top of extra time for your trip (even plan to stop for breaks)

We are all guilty of setting off with just enough time to complete our journey without being noticeably late, but when travelling during holiday season, your travel time is never likely to mirror the “normal” travel times you’re used to. Being caught in traffic can lead to frustration and to the danger of making poor driving decisions. Above all else, the bad mood we are in when we arrive is not ideal given that you’re supposed to be arriving to share in the holiday spirit. You need to allow extra travel time. There is no way around it. 

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Added tip…  always try to travel when rested, as sleepy eyes and fatigue can lead to accidents.    

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