Easy To Maintain Indoor Plants

Do you feel less productive lately? Is your skin feeling pale and a constant feeling of tiredness engulfs your daily functioning? It may be time to jump on the indoor plant brigade. 

Naturally lush indoor settings are making a significant impact in the interior design space and pages worldwide. The many scientific benefits and the excellent pleasing value of these indoor plants should be reason enough for you to jump on this bandwagon and become a “plant parent.”

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The essential benefits of indoor plants :

  1. Excellent aesthetics: Indoor plants add a very soothing effect on the interiors of any space. They can easily spunk up and bring life to a rather dull set up while being a value addition. 
  2. Therapeutic: Choosing to be a plant parent is a very therapeutic experience. Treatments for various mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and anger management have recognised horticultural therapy effectively. 
  3. Purifying indoor air: Having indoor plants cleanses and improves the indoor air quality of any space, making it a far more conducive and happier environment. 
  4. Faster recuperation rate: Indoor plants have helped aid more rapid recovery from any illness or ailments in patients. 

Six Easy to maintain indoor plants

Aloe Vera plant

With its high medicinal value, this plant not only spruces up your space but also helps in treating inflammatory and bacterial infections. Care level: Easy, requires good sunlight and once a week watering.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is a drought-resistant plant. A highly recommended plant for people who are always on the go. It is considered a lovely housewarming gift. Care level: Easy, can flourish in low light areas, with watering essentially required once a month.

Sweetheart Plant

This cute little succulent will be fantastic for your window sill. This plant is low maintenance and suggested for people who have busy lifestyles or new to plant parenthood. Care level: Easy, direct bright sunlight with watering required once in 3-4 weeks.

Snake Plant 

This easy on maintenance plant, gets its name from its snakeskin-like looking leaves. It is a drought-resistant plant that is a charming addition to your indoor plant collection. Care level: Easy, can flourish in bright to lower sunlight, water aparched.


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An effective air purifier, Dracaena is an easy maintenance plant that can flourish and adapt to various environments. Care level: Easy, no direct sunlight, less watering. 

Rubber tree

Are you new to the “green thumb lifestyle?” The rubber tree is a perfect introductory plant for you. This plant flourishes even with some neglect. Care level: Easy, bright light, can sustain low watering. 

The plant lifestyle or as it is now called the green thumb lifestyle is a much-needed addition to our stress-induced, busy and fast-paced life. 

We need to cut out the poisonous chemicals that we are breathing, the toxic thoughts that keep recurring, and our health’s negative impact. 

Awaken the horticultural spirit in you, get those easy to maintain indoor plants, devote your time to your well being and you will not regret it. 

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