Embracing Your Flaws

Embracing Your Flaws

Everybody has strengths, and everyone has flaws. It’s easy to get down on yourself about what your weaknesses are, but these aspects of your personality aren’t bad. It’s important to embrace those things we need to work on so that we can get better at them. For example, one of your flaws may be that you’re not the best at responding to text messages or phone calls. Perhaps you get distracted, or you’re anxious to reply. This is something you can work on so that you can become a better communicator. There’s nothing wrong with having something to work on. We all have things that we need to improve upon. Here are reasons why it’s essential to embrace your flaws. 

What are the flaws?

Flaws are things that make us imperfect. Human beings are by definition, flawed. You cannot meet somebody who is entirely without things that they need to work on or deficits. A flaw is something that gives us character. If you think about the myth of Achilles, it was his heel that was his flaw. We all have our Achilles heels. Somebody may feel like their opinion is the one that matters. They are stubborn in how they think, and they do not want to see other perspectives. That could be considered a flaw. Because this person is not open to hearing other people’s perspectives and it is making them alienate their friends and family. This is something they can improve. The flaw isn’t permanent. It is an aspect of your personality that can clash with others, perhaps. You get to decide what you feel your weaknesses are and what are the things that she would like to work on.

Do other people notice your flaws?

One thing to pay attention to is how other people interact with you. Pay attention and notice if you see a common theme to what they’re saying. There may be some truth to others’ perceptions of you if you notice that you’re hearing the same message over and over again. Let’s say that you are not punctual. It’s something that is a flaw, and you’re working on it. But it annoys your friends and family. Your loved ones are tired of waiting hours for you to arrive to meet them. You’re not trying to be rude on purpose, but you have a difficult time perceiving how long things take. After hearing this message from multiple friends and loved ones, you decide that this is a flaw you want to change. You don’t have to criticize yourself for it, but rather accept that it’s something that needs work and make a commitment to getting better. 

Embracing your flaws can make you humble

Let’s face it; nobody wants to deal with a self-satisfied or arrogant person. Suppose you’re honest about your flaws that makes you humble. If you can show people that you know that there are things that you need to work on, it makes them feel more comfortable around you. They see you that you’re someone who is honest and works on their issues. They are more likely to open up to you and be kind because they know that you are self-aware and it shows the strength of character. You can also discuss your flaws with others. You may find that when you are open about your insecurities and flaws that other people will share theirs as well. It helps us grow together when we are able to admit that we’re not perfect at everything.

Learning to embrace your flaws in therapy

One of the safest places to talk about insecurities is with the therapist. You can discuss ways you want to improve your life and issues that may be holding you back. There are many reasons to take a look at your flaws, but one of the most important ones is to better your quality-of-life. If you notice that specific deficits are impacting your relationships it’s time to take a look at these things and see if there’s something that you can change. It’s not your flaws or not something that make you “a bad person.” Everybody has these things and a licensed therapist can show you how to cope with things that you’re not necessarily the best at doing. 

You can talk to a licensed therapist at a company like BetterHelp.com and learn what they are and how to improve yourself.

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