Enjoying Music Despite Loss of Hearing

Loss of Hearing

Losing any of our five senses can be incredibly difficult to cope with, to say the least. Having the ability to hear slowly deteriorate or be taken from you is one such difficult experience that many have to go through. As expected, we humans are determined to adapt and improve such negative experiences for others. Whether it’s training furry friends to support those who are unable to see well or have conditions they need support for, or technology that aids in improving people’s lives. Through these innovative ways, we are working to aid in and improve the lives of those who have suffered a loss of ability or, were not provided with ability, to begin with. 

One such difficult experience is losing the ability to hear. Loss of hearing is a life-altering experience and can have an incredibly negative impact on one’s quality of living. In order to help improve a person’s quality of life after suffering from something of the magnitude of the loss of the ability to hear can involve many things, including technology. People are always eager to learn more in terms of how to help ease the lives of people who were once able to hear but have since lost the ability and technology allows us to do so. It is constantly growing and improving, meaning more and more people are able to live lives of higher quality, despite going through something like the loss of one of their senses.

The constant evolution of hearing aids means people with hearing difficulties are able to experience even more. One of the many opportunities they receive through the utilisation of such technology is being able to listen to music again. Listening to music has countless benefits and music itself is loved by the world so it is easy to understand why this would be such a significant element to helping improve the lives of people who have suffered a loss of hearing. Whilst hearing aids are able to aid many in being able to listen to music again, there are other ways that people can enjoy music and the concept of music if hearing aids aren’t for them. 

One such way is through feeling the vibrations of the music. Though it’s not the same as physically listening to music, the feeling is still available to those who can’t hear it. By placing part of their body on a speaker or a surface where the vibrations can be felt, they are able to still connect with the feeling being portrayed through the rhythm of the song. The vibrations from the bass travel through the surface and allow a sense of connection to hit, and thus, provide a similar experience to that of the feeling you get when you’re at a concert and can feel the depth of the bass move through your entire body. 

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Thanks to the ideas of innovative thinkers and technological developers, there are ways to still enjoy music despite a loss of hearing. Whether you know somebody who has lost some of their ability to hear or is altogether unable to hear anything; there are ways they can still enjoy music. Encourage them to listen to their favorite music and embrace the new way of listening to it. Listen to it and feel the vibrations with them. It can make all the difference.

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