Epitalon, Part II: Mechanism of Action

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While many people have trouble falling asleep, the most common solution known to a wider public is melatonin. And sure ‒ direct intake of melatonin does help with falling asleep when you need to. Alas, it doesn’t solve the main problem ‒ broken biorhythms. The chain reaction that leads to melatonin production is quite complex, but it is the key to retaining a stable day-night schedule for your body. If you buy Epitalon spray, having a good night’s sleep is more real than you can imagine.

With the power of peptides, you can improve the quality of sleep and finally normalize your circadian rhythm. This patented method is scientifically proven ‒ let’s see how it works in detail.

How Does Epitalon Work?

The peptides are, essentially, smaller parts of every protein. It’s a basic protein structure and a step of gene expression ‒ a certain sequence of amino acids forms peptide chains, and this process is regulated by genes.

There are three main pathways for Epitalon’s operation.

Telomerase Activation

Telomerase is a tiny end part of every chromosome ‒ it contains the genetic code that regulates cell regeneration. To put it simple, the more cell cycles there are, the slower telomerase “works” for inducing healthy cell behavior.

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Short strings of nano-peptides compliment the structure of telomerase, slowing down aging processes. Thus, Epitalon’s main components activate telomerase and support its operation.

Antioxidant Properties

While cell oxidation is a natural process that becomes more prevalent as the body ages, it can be slowed down. A complimentary interaction with DNA allows nano-peptides to protect cells from premature oxidation and optimize cell cycles. This promotes an anti-age effect while also protecting cells from damage.

Regulation of Gene Expression

Being very short base strings of proteins, peptides almost don’t disintegrate while going through metabolic pathways. This, in turn, allows them to integrate into cells and interact with DNA, regulating its transport and transcription.

Transcription is the process of “reading” the code of DNA and turning it into peptides through translation ‒ adding them into the process regulates the expression of genes and, thus, metabolic processes. This is the main mechanism of maintaining stable melatonin production.

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Evidence-based Action

Epitalon is a mix of short nano-peptides that combine the most valuable amino acids: alanine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, and glycine. There are multiple scientific studies that show the efficiency of their use for anti-aging purposes.

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The mechanism of DNA transcription and gene expression regulation through peptides is well-known to modern science. Having a high bioavailability, short peptides have proven to reach their target cells fast and directly affect metabolic processes through DNA transcription and translation.

You can learn more about relevant research studies on the Nanopep website and order peptide-based supplements from there. Here are the contacts: info@nanopep.net, or mailing address: Via Adige, 1 64028 Silvi, Italy.

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