Everything We Know About World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

On April 19th, Blizzard announced the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion. The new add-on is dedicated to the dragon islands. The developers announced the release date: November 29th. The player base already has access to some downloadable material.

The major (so far) antagonist of the add-on is introduced in the Awakening Draktir campaign, which you can already design and play through. Additionally, the Primal Storm game event will aid in preparing the characters for the beginning. Today we will tell all the known details of Dragonflight.

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What’s New

The new addition is notable for the lack of confrontation. According to the plot, players will find themselves on the Dragon Isles, a continent in the northeast of Azeroth, where flocks of dragons live. After the Great Sundering and the almost complete disappearance of magic, the dragons left the islands, leaving the titans as caretakers. One of them in the trailer called the dragons back, realizing that the magic of the elements is returning after 10 thousand years.

Now the dragons have to revive their home with the help of the heroes. Players will be able to level up to level 70 and learn all of Azeroth’s dragonflights, including the corrupted black dragonflight. In addition, there will be other races on the islands – elemental half-giants Jaradins, walrus-like tuskarrs, and an ancient civilization of centaurs, which, apparently, are the ancestors of the centaurs of Kalimdor.

The new dungeons will be the black dragon stronghold of Neltarus, the previously unexplored regions of Uldaman, the vault of red dragon life, and others. The first raid of the add-on is an ancient prison of primeval incarnations, the name of which the authors have not yet revealed.

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Dragonflight will have five new playable zones.

  • The first of these is the Shores of Awakening, where players will start their expedition. Horde representatives will go with the Reliquary and Alliance members with the League of Explorers. The region is home to red and black dragons. Players will have to help the red dragons and together with Wrathion, free the stronghold of the black dragons;
  • On’ara Plains is the second location of the expansion. The terrain of the steppes and hills is the birthplace of the centaurs and green dragons, who made peace after a long enmity. However, the future of the green dragons was threatened after the death of Ysera. In the Plains of On’ara, the maximum view range will be increased to allow players to see the horizon, according to the developers;
  • The Azure Expanse is home to blue dragons, fangkars, and gnolls. This is the largest location in Dragonflight and in all of WoW. It mainly consists of tundra and snow-covered spaces;
  • Taldrazus is the heart of the dragon kingdom. Here is the capital of the Dragon Isles – Valdrakken. There is also a fortress of the titans Tyrhold. The play area consists of caves, rocks, and small green areas;
  • Forbidden Island is the final location of Dragonflight. Ostroiv created Neltharion to train Draktyr warriors. This is the introductory zone for Draktyr characters.

New Race and Class

In addition, the Draktyr race will become available to players. Their specialty is switching between dragon form and humanoid form. Draktyrs, like pandaren, can join the Alliance or the Horde. Draktyr characters start at level 58 with their own story in the Forbidden Island.

The Draktyr race has access to an exclusive new heroic class, the Awakener. He wears mail and has the Guardian healing specialization, as well as the mid-range caster Devastation. A feature of awakeners is the combination of the magic of all flocks of dragons.

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Flying on Dragons

In Dragonflight, dragon flying will be a new system. Players will be able to tame their own dragon of one of the flocks by upgrading it with the help of a small talent tree. The flight speed of the dragon is higher than any flying vehicle, but it will only be possible to use it on the Dragon Isles. The developers do not exclude that in the future, players will be able to fly the dragon all over Azeroth. You can also customize the dragon and unlock new visual effects and animations.

Updated Professions, Interface, and Talent System

The biggest changes have affected professions and talents. In crafts, materials and objects will receive a quality on which the quality of the product will depend. In addition, players will be able to complete orders (new mechanics) from other players to craft items. To do this, it will be possible to view all the recipes in the game in order to seek help with certain of them. Another novelty of professions is additional characteristics. Players will be able to upgrade skills in specializations that will affect the final quality of items. In addition, the profession interface has been updated.

There is very little left before the release; soon, we ourselves will be able to plunge into this new and wonderful world and try out new mechanics and other innovations. Good luck, everyone.

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