Everything You Should Know About Forensics

Government occupations and companies in specific industries require their workers to undergo federal fingerprinting. Suppose you need that service or any other forensic services; the TSC Health team has your back. TCS Occupational Health and family medicine specialists also offer work-related forensics like autopsies to determine the root cause of death.

What You Should Know About Forensics

Criminalistics, also known as forensic science, focus on the relationship between criminality and science. Forensics utilizes scientific techniques in criminal and civil investigations. The specialty analyzes the available evidence and links it to the criminal case in question. Different forms of forensics include analyzing fingerprints, chemical analysis, and collecting DNA. Certain occupations may demand other forensic services, such as federal fingerprinting and autopsies during a work-related fatality investigation.

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You may benefit from forensic services if your business is part of an industry with a high risk of accidents, fatalities, or injuries. You can establish a forensics relationship with the specialists at TCS Health, who can assist you in meeting the safety standards your company and the industry set. Forensic services help you run your business with a calm, calculative mind. The forensics team at the practice ensures that you create a trustworthy work team with clean records. In case of a fatality or severe injury at work, the forensics team may help you dodge unwarranted liability.

Forensic Services You May Need

The skilled team at TSC Health offers a wide range of forensic services, such as:

· Autopsies

An autopsy is a medical exam on a dead body (cadaver). If an employee dies due to unexpected or suspicious causes, the team can conduct an autopsy to determine the cause and advise you on what to do next. They may take 2-4 hours to complete an autopsy and a few minutes to complete the final report of toxicology and lab tests.

· Background Checks

A forensic background check uncovers a person’s criminal, financial, personal, and professional history. Several employers have made it mandatory to undergo a background check before absorbing people into their companies. The TSC Health professionals perform a thorough background check, leaving no stone unturned.

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· Federal Fingerprinting

Many government organizations require employees to submit fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). During the fingerprinting procedure, the TSCHealth team meticulously collects and places your fingerprints on a specialized piece of paper. Afterward, they sign off on the paperwork you can present to your employer. Other forensic services you may benefit from include internal arbitration, securities litigation, forensic Technology Solutions, and capita project services.

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The forensics team at the practice consists of certified engineers, accountants, chartered surveyors, insurance professionals, and economists. The cost of forensics will rely on several factors, including the number of employees that need the services and the type of forensic services you need. The team discusses your business needs and reviews your budget before recommending a forensics plan that fits your needs. If you are looking for a legit forensics team, call the TSC Health office or schedule an appointment online.

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