Family Fun in Belfast: Activities for All Ages


A Belfast adventure that caters to every generation

Belfast, the lively capital of Northern Ireland, might be renowned for its complex history, but it’s also a treasure chest of family-friendly experiences. From enthralling museums to stunning natural escapes, Belfast serves a delightful dish of adventure that pleases the young and the young at heart. Let’s dive in!

Unravelling Belfast’s Storied Past

Belfast’s past can be a captivating journey for the whole family. Some of this city’s most popular museums offer a glimpse into what put Belfast on the map.

  • Titanic Belfast: This iconic museum isn’t just a building; it’s a time machine. Take a step back in time to witness the tragic story of the Titanic, from its Belfast construction to its ill-fated voyage. Interactive exhibits and life-like recreations make this a history lesson everyone will enjoy.
  • Ulster Museum: A treasure trove of artifacts and exhibits awaits! Explore ancient Egypt, immerse yourself in artistic masterpieces, and uncover the mysteries of local wildlife. The Ulster Museum is a whirlwind of wonder for curious minds of all ages.

It’s always recommended to pre-book museum tickets, especially during busier seasons. The two options above have a ticket section on their websites, although you can sometimes find better deals on apps that give discounts when you sign up.

Let Loose in the Great Outdoors

Belfast is blessed with a lot of parks and natural escapes, perfect for letting the kids run wild and reconnect with nature.


  • Belfast Zoo: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Get up close and personal with over 100 fascinating species at the Belfast Zoo. Take a stroll, watch the daily animal feedings, and let your inner David Attenborough shine.
  • Cave Hill Country Park: Let your imagination run as wild as the scenery. Hike the trails and climb to the top for panoramic views of the city – you might even spot the legendary outline of a sleeping giant on the hillsides!

If you’re planning a day at the park, be sure to check the weather forecast. Northern Ireland is famous for its poor weather, so dress well and definitely bring an umbrella, just in case.

A World of Play

Belfast knows how to turn playtime into a magical experience. The family-centered options below are just a glimpse into what the city has in store for you and your family.

  • W5: If you have budding scientists, this interactive discovery center is a must-visit. Imagine a giant playground filled with mind-bending experiments, hands-on activities, and shows designed to spark wonder and excitement.
  • Streamvale Open Farm: Cuddly animals galore! Feed the friendly sheep, pet the adorable rabbits, and get close to ponies – a perfect day out for animal-loving little ones.

Similar to the museums mentioned above, be sure to pre-book your tickets prior to arriving. Although it is unlikely to be overcrowded, it’s always best to prepare.

Transportation: Getting Around Belfast with Ease

With so much to see and do, navigating Belfast with your family needs to be as smooth as can be. Luckily, the city has a variety of transport options:


  • Black Cabs: These iconic taxis offer fascinating tours of the city, delving into Belfast’s history and uncovering its hidden gems.
  • Buses: A reliable and affordable way to get around, perfect for those longer journeys with tired feet.
  • Car Hire: If you’re keen to explore further afield, a rental car gives you the ultimate flexibility.
  • Airport Transfers: A great option for getting between the airport and the city, but also perfect for day trips. Pre-booking a Belfast airport taxi transfer allows you to ensure that you won’t be stuck waiting for your car to arrive.

Tantalizing Your Tastebuds

We couldn’t get through an article without dedicating a section purely to food. Belfast has a delightful culinary scene even picky eaters will love. Here are our picks for family favorites that prove a good meal is half the fun:        



Child-Friendly Features

Maggie Mays

Traditional Irish

See Also
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Hearty portions, cozy atmosphere

St. George’s Market


Vibrant stalls, perfect for sampling different cuisines

Deanes at Queens


Special kids’ menu offering elevated classics

Belfast Awaits!

Belfast is a city that has shed its troubled past and now beams with a welcoming spirit, ready to enchant visitors of all ages. Don’t be surprised if your little ones (and maybe you too!) leave with a little piece of your heart nestled in this Northern Irish gem.

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