How Has Fatherhood Changed Over the Years

How Has Fatherhood Changed Over the Years
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Gone are those days when he used to disappear at dawn and return at dusk when he used to watch over you on weekends and used an iron scale as a tool to make you understand the realities of life. As a disciplinarian as well as a role model, modern fathers have changed considerably over the years, however, their love and their adoration have remained the same. Many of you must be wondering about his duties, however, with a course of time, fathers have changed incredibly and have adapted well to a role of a friend, best bud, advisor, counselor, mother, and the most reliable person we can go to. 

Following are few ways that have made him wear the socks of life differently in order to match up with the new generation as well as have successfully adapted the changing times.

How Has Fatherhood Changed Over the Years


Long gone are the days when a father was defined as a person with same DNA. Fathers now are unmarried, married, divorcee, or can be a stepfather and no matter who is he, his love remains unconditional. And like a biological dad, his presence is too celebrated with the same vigor on Father’s Day with unique father’s day gifts. 

Active Participation

In India, it is common that a dad handles the financial interest while a mother is responsible for nurturing the child in every walks of life. However, times have changed rather it has remained same, but our fathers have changed for good. Now, we see fathers helping out moms being their better half. They are seen talking charge of kids in every way, academically too.

How Has Fatherhood Changed Over the Years

The Not So Responsible One  

While father figures are related to the sheer responsibilities of the family, our fathers have gone beyond the Bermuda triangle and have made our moms go out of the house and pursue their dreams. He has made sure that his woman lives with the twenty-first-century pride, she deserves. And while he has been the forever giver, now children along with their working moms have in return takes care of him by celebrating him and his presence by ordering father’s day gifts online.  

How Has Fatherhood Changed Over the Years

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The Forever Nurturer

Whenever mom needed a jewelry, she turned up to him. When you wanted to opt for foreign college, you turned up to him. Our fathers have since our first heartbeat taken care of us and while his presence was earlier counted financially, he has made the breakthrough and now kids are seen turning to their papas for sharing their personal issues, for pieces of advice and for counseling purposes. Dad has even been keen to know and keep tracks of their kid’s whereabouts and his iron scale punishment has been replaced with small talks and face to face chit chats.

How Has Fatherhood Changed Over the Years

Not So Traditional

While daddies have been really protective of their wives and daughters, every dad has been quite skeptical about the trendy fashion that has seriously enveloped the new generation. But if you analyze now, dads have been seen encouraging their wives and daughters to go modern and never to limit themselves when it comes to exploring the sexuality. 

With time changing, our fathers seem to have changed too, however for good. A nurturer in suits, appreciate his presence with unique tokens by browsing through a diverse array of evergreen father’s day gift ideas.

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