Finding an At-Home Workout Routine that Fits your Lifestyle

workout routine

If you’ve ever told yourself, “I’ll get to the gym tomorrow,” only to repeat it day after day, without ever doing it, you’re not alone! 6% of people that purchase a gym membership haven’t ever used it. Not even once.  Now that’s a big number. Think about how much you could save if you canceled your gym membership and started exercising in ways you actually enjoy. Now, that’s probably not advice you hear very often, but if you’re not using it, it’s not doing you or your body any good.

Does that mean you shouldn’t work out at all? No, just the opposite. You need to find an at-home workout routine that fits your lifestyle and that you actually like doing.

How do you find a workout routine you actually enjoy?

Get outside

When you were a kid, were you the one that was building forts and playing capture the flag? Then maybe you want to do something adventurous as an adult; consider investing in a rock-climbing class, or strap on those old rollerblades that you have in the back of your closet and hit the streets. Make sure you have some elbow and knee pads; it’s not as cool to have skinned knees as an adult as it was as a kid. 

Were you the kid that liked jumping rope at recess? You might want something a little more structured then. Heck, you might even want to pick up that jump rope again. If you have outside stairs near your home, time yourself to see how quickly you can do sets. Get creative; do sets of stepping on each stair, alternate it with skipping every other stair.  

workout routine

Online options

workout routine

If working out from the comfort of your home is more appealing than heading outside, by all means, check out the plethora of online options. There are low impact options like yoga videos and high-intensity HIIT cardio that will leave you sweaty and exhausted in just 30 minutes. After all, one half-hour is only 2% of your entire day. Not very much when you look at it from that perspective, right?

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Fueling yourself

workout routine

Don’t forget that nutrition is just as important as working out. A half-hour or so before you work out, whip up a tasty drink to give you the energy to cruise through your exercises. Hit up Best Whey Protein UK and purchase your pre-workout drink without ever leaving your couch! One tasty protein recipe is to mix some frozen fruits with a vanilla protein powder, a little bit of water or milk, depending on how many calories you’re looking to consume and blend it on up. To make it thicker, you can also add just the tiniest bit of xantham gum, which you can order readily online as well. After your work out, make sure you hydrate thoroughly. 

Stop making excuses 

There’s no excuse to not get your body moving. If you find yourself continuing to make excuses for not working out, it may be time to ask yourself why you don’t enjoy exercising. If there is underlying pain,talk to your doctor about it; they may have some options that you hadn’t considered, like low-impact swimming or physical therapy. Now, go get moving! 

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