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My friend Holly at Not a Perfect Mom’s Blog is celebrating her birthday today. Its her 29th for the 3rd time so she wrote a post Thirty-one things about her. Well my birthday is in January and instead of waiting and having to come up with 1 more thing about myself; I decided to do 1 today based on my current age. Thank you Holly for the idea!

1. I am the oldest of 3. The 3rd youngest of 13 grandchildren on the Ryan side and the oldest of 8 grandchildren on the Mullen side.

2. I have 3 kids, 2 sons and 1 daughter. Ages 21, 18, and 16 respectively.

3. My oldest although stationed in Hawaii, is currently serving in Okinawa Japan for 7 months.

4. My 2nd oldest son will be going to college away from home in January.

5. My youngest child is a Junior at WGHS and is a high honor student.

6. I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. Finally, although I am not as small as I would like to be; I am finding myself loving me for me. Oddly this has caused me to lose

7. Country Music is my favorite music; followed by classic rock and some of the top 20 music.

8. I enjoy shows that make me feel something-whether it is happiness or sadness.

9. Figuring out dinner is my pet peeve. I would be happy to eat the same thing all of the time. Oddly my 2  kids that live at home still do not share that same enthusiasm.

10. I don’t like big crowds. You won’t ever get me to go to a big stadium for a concert, sports event etc. I have to push myself to watch my kids play in sports when they have because all of those people freak me out on the inside.

11. I have a sense of humor; although some may not be able to relate to it; so most things that go on in my mind-stay there.

12. I wish I could enjoy alcoholic drinks – not because they would make me feel better… (well  maybe) but some taste so good and yet anything like that gives me a headache; and I get those on my own without it.

13. I don’t like judgmental people; as they seem to forget “do not judge lest you be judged”.

14. I have been self-employed for 10 years and am always busy although my checking account doesn’t always show that.

15. I have degenerative disc disease of my neck and lower back; something I have lived with for over 10 years.

16. My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks; although I am now finding quite a few great ones at Promotional Book Tours.

17. I used to read a LOT and just recently have gotten myself back into it after a generous person gave me a Kindle for Christmas (ok early gift; but I use it daily).

18. As an adult I dread Christmas every year. Not because of the holiday itself but because I am a giver and it is frustrating when I don’t have the money I would like to spend on my spouse and children.

19. Before you comment- I do know for me what the real meaning of Christmas is; but for me it is a season of giving and that is where my frustration lies.

20. I enjoy my kids being older; especially when I see many bloggers who have small children and I wonder “how do they do it”?

21. I have been married for 17 years to someone I consider my best friend.

22. I feel guilty most of the time for things I can’t control and things I can control.

23. I have found that stress is a powerful thing.

24. My parents have been married for over 46 years in a loving relationship and they make me strive to attain that same thing.

25. I enjoy tradition and try to keep traditions from when I was a kid going with my own family.

26. In 1 1/2 years all 3 of my kids will be out of high school. (secretly i do look forward to that part)-

27. Yet I can’t believe that my kids will all be grown up.

28. I do web hosting and fix websites; I am all self-taught or have been taught by a person that mentored me. (more or less I never went to school for this).

29. I am not the best writer; but I try. If I felt my life was interesting enough I would write more about it.

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30. I don’t like to wear nail polish; it makes my fingers feel like they are in coffins.

31. I have 2 ear piercings on each ear; but do not wear earrings cause they don’t feel right.

32. The only jewelry I wear is my wedding/engagement ring and a ring on my right hand that Roger got me early on in our marriage.

33. I like to paint my toe nails but rarely wear something that they show.

34. I could do without winter weather.

35. I would just a soon that the weather was 45 at night and 70s during the day all year round.

36. All 3 of my kids names start with a vowel.

37. My favorite foods are Mexican and seafood followed by Chinese.

38. When I was a kid I wanted to be a Police woman, and then a Psychologist.

39. I ended up being neither.

40. As I grow older I realize that death is inevitable; so I try not to take anyone for granted.

41. I went to California in September for Disney’s “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3” dvd release. I was born in California but hadn’t been back since I was less than 1 year old-so it was quite a trip.

42. I spend more time with my online friends than my real life friends and that kinda makes me sad.

43. Coffee is my favorite-est drink, followed by iced tea and diet  coke/pepsi.

So what is something about you I don’t know?

BTW; Thank you Holly for having me help you with your site; otherwise I wouldn’t have seen your post and Happy Birthday! to you.

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  • Well I am noticing that my responses to comments to not go under the person that commented. Sorry about that.

    Thank you Summer for stopping by. If you decide to do a post just link back to me :). Holly doesn’t even know that I did but was hoping that some may go to her site and wish her a Happy Birthday :).
    Thank you for commenting by #s it was fun to read them!

  • 6. AMEN! I couldn’t have said it better myself!
    9. DITTO THAT. I’m currently putting off a trip to the grocery store
    15. Me too! Although I just found out about it last year
    18. OH MY GOSH we are the same person. I would rather spend money on other people than myself.
    34. ALL HAIL WINTER WEATHER! I hate summer.
    43, Mine TOO!!!!

    I enjoyed getting to know you a bit better! I want to do a post like this too! Fantastic idea!

  • I love Holly’s blog! And what a neat idea! I vote on having my second 29th birthday this year because I am dreading the awful 3-0 next month (and it didn’t help that the doctor said me turning 30 would impact my pregnancy). Yuck! Although, I must ask, when in January are you? I’m the 28th 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by Leila! I turn 44 on January 11th 🙂 I am trying to remember 30 🙂 But from what I can remember the 30s are great and I have heard the 40s are even better; but in all honesty I am still waiting on that. 🙂

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